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Quality Work and Waste Efficient 100 Years of Craftmanship

Some of the best arts, crafts and workmanship comes from the Native Americans and their culture. Native american art work typically depicts beautiful scenery from nature such as water flows, hills, valleys and sunsets. Native american arts and crafts are…

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Four Facts About the Effectiveness of Video Marketing That May Shock You

Pretty much everyone is watching videos on the Internet. On a typical day, more than 500 years’ worth of digital video productions are watched on YouTube alone. And most advertising executives have taken notice of the massive popularity that online…

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The Rich Legacy of Storytelling Continues in Native American Art

As with so many of the greatest artistic traditions in history, Native American art is steeped in rich storytelling, and this means of expression has been a vital part of culture for centuries. This tradition still continues, and is even…

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Developing Your Checklist for Planning a Party? Don’t Forget These Five Items

Are you planning on hosting an event in your home or at another venue soon? If so, you’re probably in the process of developing your planning a party checklist. There are plenty of things to consider when you are planning…

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Four Reasons Why Marketers Are Flocking to Online Video Advertising

The 81% of marketing executives who use video marketing and video for SEO in their ad campaigns can’t be wrong — digital video productions are quickly becoming the top way to gain a wide audience on the web. Research has…

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