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A Look at Elvis Presley’s Film Career in Hawaii


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Hawaii was one of Elvis Presley’s favorite places on earth — and he made a point to return to the islands several times throughout his lifetime.

And because Elvis was also one of the biggest movie stars of his time in addition to being the “King of Rock n’ Roll,” he managed to film three of his 31 feature films in Hawaii. There was also a history-making Elvis live performance in Hawaii, as well.

Want to know more about Elvis’ longtime love of Hawaii? Here’s a brief rundown of the movies that Elvis Presley filmed during his many trips to Hawaii:

Blue Hawaii (1961)

Blue Hawaii is a movie about a soldier who returns home to Hawaii (Presley’s character) who takes a job at his girlfriend’s tourism agency as a tour guide. A romantic comedy, Blue Hawaii opened at No. 2 at the box office when it was released and earned several awards and honors. The film was shot on location on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, at the Coco Palms Resort.

Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)

A musical comedy, this movie stars Presley, who plays a poor fisherman who has dreams of having his own boat someday and ends up caught in a love triangle. It was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Musical in 1963, and Elvis Presley earned a second-place Laurel Award for his acting in the movie.

Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)

The last feature film that Presley shot on-location in Hawaii, Paradise, Hawaiian Style is about a pilot who comes home to Hawaii after being fired, and starts up a helicopter business with his friend. Soon enough, Presley’s character’s hijinks end up putting the business at risk.

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii (1973)

On January 14, 1973, fans all around the world were able to tune in and see Elvis Presley’s record-breaking performance, “Aloha From Hawaii,” which was the first-ever live concert to be broadcast by satellite across more than 40 countries. In addition to being the most viewed entertainment special of its time, it was also the most expensive — costing around $2.5 million to produce. The performance is responsible for spawning Presley’s famous white jumpsuit costume, an iconic look to any music fan.

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