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Holding an Outdoor Wedding and Reception? Don’t Forget These Rental Items for the Big Day


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It’s no secret to anyone that weddings are expensive — especially considering the billions of dollars the wedding industry makes each year. Throughout the United States, the “cheapest” spot to get married is Utah, where the average nuptials reaching a staggering $13,000, and New York City is the most expensive spot to tie the knot, with some couples spending millions of dollars on the big day. And those numbers don’t even touch the multi-million dollar celebrity weddings each year!

As a result of these sometimes astronomical costs, many couples elect to hold their weddings their way, and a growing number of them are choosing to have their weddings outdoors. Having a wedding at home (or the home of a friend or family member) can save on the costs for a venue. This also allows the couple to decorate and customize their ceremony any way they wish.

These couples also choose to rent the items they need in order to make their weddings as stress-free as possible. Here are just a few of the items that can be obtained from an event rental company:

Wedding Tent Rentals
Wedding tent rentals are essential for outdoor weddings, no matter if the weather is rain or shine. Unlike party tent rentals, wedding tent rentals are upgrade and can give a reception an elegant place for guests to eat, drink, dance, and socialize. Most rental companies will also aid in the tent’s tear down and set-up.

Table and Chair Rentals
Table and chair rentals for weddings provide a place for guests to sit and eat during the reception. The chair rentals can also be used for the wedding ceremony, too, and staff members can move the chairs back into the tent for the reception if the only one set is rented. There are a variety of table sizes available from most rental companies, so they can be custom ordered for any seating arrangement.

Table Linen Rentals
When organizing a wedding, most couples have a color in mind that provides a theme for the wedding. Table linen rentals for weddings can be used to match the table cloths, table runners, napkins, chair covers, and other details to that color. While purple is the most popular shade for weddings, there are usually plenty of colors to choose from to make each wedding special.

Wedding Decoration Rentals
From wedding arches to dance floors, there are plenty of accessories that can be ordered to make the big day special. Even centerpieces and fake flowers can be rented from some companies.

Have more questions on wedding rentals? Be sure to speak with a local party supply company about your options. When you make plans, be sure to schedule early enough so you’ll be accommodated with everything that you need. Feel free to leave a comment below with any other questions or suggestions for planning the big day. More like this blog:

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