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Four Key Characteristics That All High-Quality Video Content Should Share


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More and more of the world’s top marketing executives and advertising agencies are seeing just how beneficial online video marketing content can be as a part of any campaign.

This is because more people than ever are watching online video in their spare time. On a typical day, an incredible 500 years’ worth of YouTube video is watched on Facebook alone!

However, not all video content that is created is made equal — and some ad campaigns are never able to get off the ground because of the fact that their videos aren’t up to par with the rest of the web’s standards.

To see how your video marketing and SEO content fares against the web’s top video promotion content, take a look at these four qualities that all the best video marketing content shares:

The ability to grab — and keep — a user’s attention

Did you know that the average audience for video marketing content will stop watching within a mere 90 seconds? If a video doesn’t give a user to keep watching, he or she will click elsewhere — and that’s a fact. The best video content should open with something engaging, that will keep the viewer’s attention focused on your brand for the whole duration of the video.

Keeping it short and sweet

You’ve likely heard the phrase “kill your darlings” before, and it’s a phrase that couldn’t apply more to the world of creating video content. Shorter videos are easier to consume and view, and, as stated before, a video that goes on for too long can result in a viewer straying away to a different website. This applies to individual scenes and camera shots, too — if a scene goes on for more than 15 seconds, a user is likely to get bored.

Humor that’s universal

Leave the inside jokes and obscure references to conversations with your friends. The best video marketing content, if intended to be funny, should contain humorous elements that a wide, diverse audience will find funny. In addition, make sure your content doesn’t focus on the mundane, ordinary aspects of life — the funniest, most entertaining videos often show absurd, larger-than-life scenarios.

The ability to tell a story that resonates with users

Like any artistic medium, video is intended to tell a story. This should be no different with the video content you create to develop and market your brand to online consumers. By appealing to consumers’ thoughts and emotions, you’ll create a memorable experience that will stay with them long after the video’s short running time is over.

What are some other features and qualities you expect from the web’s top digital video productions? Feel free to share with us in the comments below! For more about this, go here.

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