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Buffalo skulls

Some of the best arts, crafts and workmanship comes from the Native Americans and their culture. Native american art work typically depicts beautiful scenery from nature such as water flows, hills, valleys and sunsets. Native american arts and crafts are known for their go-emetic, tribal patterns that span from simple to intricate in design. Native American weapons are high quality and made from bones, rocks and sticks. The culture of the Native Americans is known for utilizing all parts of the animal from their hunts. They don’t waste a single part of their kills that could act as a tool or piece of art.

It is common for Native American artwork and crafts to portray various animal from their region. Animals such as eagles, bears, walruses and deer. It was accustomed in their culture to believe these animals were beings that were worthy of respect and reverence. While they respect these animals, it meant they understood to take from the land and give back to the land. They are most known for hunting duck, turkeys, deer, salmon, rabbit, buffalo, elk, shellfish and geese. The buffalo was an especially common Native American symbol, with it’s buffalo skull being used in various native american arts and crafts throughout various regions.

Most native american crafts and artwork acted as a function. They not only created amazing pieces of work, but they were not wasteful. They respected the Earth around them and gave thanks to their elders. Besides their intricate bead work, dream catchers, purses, clothing, blankets and other crafts were built for function, but have stood the test of time as now artifacts. They also created jewelry that depicted nature, animals and is commonly made of sterling silver or eccentric bead work.

Native Americans were very unique and smart in the way they lived. They did not waste, their tools, arts and craft work all came from animals. Native american arts and crafts have lasted over hundreds of years and appear in our museums and shops today. It is the workmanship the Native Americans crafted that also lasted hundreds of years and continues to produce great work.

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