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What You Need To Know About Electronic Skateboards


Motorized skateboarding

What You Need To Know About Electronic Skateboards

Electric powered skateboards have become a great way to have fun and get some air for many Americans. While skateboarding is popular across the world, the United States accounts for more than 50% of the total skateboarding market. About 11 million people self-report that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. Electric motorized skateboards have become the go-to for many riders, as opposed to the traditional manual boards. All terrain electric skateboards, which doubles as an off road motorized skateboard, opens the doors to many more experiences for both novice and seasoned skaters.

Finding a cheap electric skateboard can be a challenge
, since 77% of skateboarders prefer to shop with small specialty brands rather than the top brand names that are on the market. It is important to not compromise quality, but rather look for a better deal based on company reputation and quality of the product.

The popularity of skateboarding does not stop at one gender! Of all skaters, 77.1% are male, whereas 83.4% of core skaters are male. 23.9% of all skaters are female, while 16.6% of all core skaters are female.

How To Be Safe On An Electronic Skateboard

Electric powered skateboards are a new experience for any rider. Safety comes first with the following tips:

1) Invest in a good quality helmet. Do not skimp and get the cheap stuff.

2) Wear shoes with rubber soles that seem to stick to the board itself. This helps prevent slipping off the board.

3) What are you using the board for? And where? Different boards are meant for different surfaces. All terrain boards are much heavier than the regular electric powered skateboards and will perform better on different surfaces. Choose correctly and use on the right terrain or you will encounter problems.

4) Similar to finding a sturdy helmet to protect your heads, elbow and knee pads are a necessity. Falls are going to happen- you need to be prepared for them!

Impacting The Environment: Battery Powered Electric Powered Skateboards

If you haven’t caught on yet, these boards are powered by good ol’ batteries. No gasoline or anything that can negatively impact the environment in any way. For the environmentalist or person who just makes sure to recycle their cardboard boxes, electric powered skateboards are sure to improve the environmentally friendly outdoor sport niche, one board at a time.

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