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Why Are More Businesses Installing Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment For Parents?


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Commercial indoor playground equipment is a godsend in the age of the iPhone and home computer. It gives both children and parents a means of meeting halfway. Parents can relax and be assured their children are getting necessary exercise, while children can enjoy mingling with others their own age. Being aware of what businesses look for in their commercial indoor playground equipment will help immensely with choosing the right structures. Are your clients looking for a commercial indoor jungle gym to round out their set-up? How about some indoor playground ideas to keep their customers engaged?

Physical activity can seem like a thing of the past, but the fact of the matter is quite different. Indoor soft play equipment is coming back into fashion and there are plenty of businesses that will need your help.

Did You Know?

Exercise isn’t just good for encouraging a healthy heart and building muscle. It’s also necessary for promoting mental and social wellness. Playing has been found to stimulate brain development, with studies showing it’s very important for children to have regular opportunities for multiple motor activities. Children that are deprived of this necessary foundation will face a lifetime of limited brain power. Businesses and parents are beginning to recognize the effectiveness of accessible indoor playground equipment.

Physical Exercise For Children

The country is seeing an epidemic. Children today just aren’t getting the exercise they used to. A recent study found children who consistently spend more than four hours per day watching television are more likely to develop health problems down the road. The American Heart Association offers physical health guidelines for both children and adults to help them lead a healthy lifestyle, including simple tips for aerobic exercise, stretching and mental wellness. Children over the age of two are recommended to participate in at least one hour a day of moderate physical activity daily, such as running or engaging in a sport.

Common Parenting Concerns

Parents want to make sure their children are active, healthy and socially adjusted. Commercial indoor playground equipment is a useful resource they can turn to in order to get the full package of a protective service and recommended physical activity. A survey asking parents about their more common concerns found two-thirds worrying their child spends far too much time on electronic devices (think tablet, iPhone or videogame console). It’s also been found one-third of families will spend at least 20% of their household income on childcare. Commercial indoor playground equipment will open your business doors to more people than you ever thought possible.

Fun Playground Ideas

What are some fun playground ideas you can help promote to businesses? Encouraging companies to consider your commercial indoor playground equipment means giving them not just statistics, but a bigger picture of what these useful resources have to offer. Jungle gyms have remained quite popular for their dexterous nature, while more cushioned areas are preferred for very young children who haven’t quite gotten the hang of their motor skills yet. Make sure you keep your clients’ most important concerns at the forefront so you can give them just what they’re looking for.

Providing The Best Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment

Businesses that want to stay accessible to parents and families are very interested in a kids indoor play structure. They can provide a form of daycare while encouraging children’s healthy development, a win-win approach that’s gaining more traction by the day. Safety is paramount when installing indoor playground equipment and simple tips should be posted somewhere highly visible. Recent research has unveiled a rather interesting long-term impact concerning children and exercise, too. If all eight to 11 year-olds exercised just 25 minutes per day a few times per week, over $60 billion in medical costs and lost wages could be avoided.

Fun, functional and ideal for businesses, children and parents. There’s a whole world to uncover with the aid of indoor playground equipment.

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