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Halloween The Enjoyable Holiday


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Many people have many favorite holidays. There are holidays in winter. There are holidays in summer. There are holidays in fall. There are holidays in springtime. People have favorite holidays likely in all of those seasons, leading some to speculate whether there is a truly “favorite” holiday. That is the central question of this article.

There are those that think Christmas is the most pleasurable holiday. There are those that think St. Patrick’s day is the best holiday. There are those that think Thanksgiving is the best holiday. There are those that think Martin Luther King Day is their favorite holiday. All of these people may have a certain preference.

Then there are those who love Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that was brought to us by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland in the 1800s. It is estimated that more than 179 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2017, with seven out of 10 consumers planning to hand out candy. Americans spend billions on Halloween each year.

Annual Halloween expenditure in the United States amounts to approximately $9.1 billion. The holiday actually started over 2 millennia ago. Halloween comes from an ancient pagan festival (Samhain) celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago and was eventually appropriated into the Catholic faiths that are seen in Scotland and Ireland.

There are many different ways people celebrate Halloween in the United States. Much of it depends on the age group of the person who is involved. For children, they may celebrate Halloween different than tweens would celebrate Halloween and then teens would celebrate it differently than both groups with adults of a young adult age celebrating it another way.

Children are the most obvious participants in Halloween. There are statistics surrounding children in the United States and Halloween costumes. For instance, about 3.76 million American children dress as their favorite superhero on Halloween. About 2.93 million American children dress as their favorite princess on Halloween.

Children are usually involved in the trick or treat activities that take place during Halloween in neighborhoods. In these activities, children go from door to door to ask for candy by yelling out the phrase, “Trick or treat!” The phrase “trick or treat” was first used in the U.S. in 1927.

With the phrase trick or treat, the adult participants in the houses usually hand out candy to children and place it in their “sacks,” which are oftentimes a bag that is held out or a bucket or some other container that a child can hold in order to have candy put in by an adult.

There are many adults that love Halloween as well. It’s a day for them to put up Halloween decorations, which can be scary like spider web or a Frankenstein monster. It’s also a time period for them to dress up if they wish and to enjoy the holiday that is involved with frights instead of family, as the others often do.

For teenagers and young adults, it is possible to view Halloween as a chance to party and drink and dress (in the case of women) as sexy or sultry icons. The sexy or sultry icons might involve different kinds of dress, with usually a slutty vibe forwarded. These costumes are numerous and included in the following paragraph.

There is the zombie prom queen costume, the vampire couple costume, the teen devil costume, the space cadet costume, the soul reaper costume, second skin costumes, lingerie Halloween costumes, ghoul costume, Mexican wrestler costume, the Flower Power costume and many many more.

Scary Halloween costumes for tweens is one option for people who are interested in buying their tweens Halloween costumes or helping them find some. Scary Halloween costumes for tweens run the gamut of different kinds of costumers. Scary Halloween costumes for tweens might include ghouls or goblins or witches or skeletons.

Scary Halloween costumes for tweens may also include costumers from movies such as the latest scary movie.Scary Halloween costumes for tweens may also include costumers from popular movies that aren’t necessarily scary but could be made scary with a lot of great scissor work and glue.

Halloween is some people’s favorite holiday because it involves the frights and scares, rather than the so-called peaceful family reunions at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Halloween involves costumes, which makes it great for some as well.

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