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Using Some Fun Air Filled Balloons


All kinds of parties and events call for festive decorations, and these include balloons. These beloved, air filled balloons can add decorative flair to any room or event, and air filled balloons may last longer than those filled with helium. What is more, air filled balloons are easy to fill up, since most homeowners won’t have a helium pump on hand. Foil balloons are usually filled with helium, though, and they may be bought already inflated for convenience. Today’s balloons are either latex models (often considered “regular” balloons), but foil ones are a fine choice, too. Air filled balloons can be attached to surfaces or allowed to be scattered across a party floor, while helium balloons are attached to a string and weight to keep them in place. What is there to know about balloons and where to use them?

All About Balloons

A person can easily find packets of balloons at a party supply store, among other things, but balloons might also be found at general stores or in grocery stores, too. The concept of balloons is in fact older than some people might think, and they’ve proven popular ever since. Back in 1824, a certain professor Michael Faraday invented balloons when he fused the edges of two rubber sheets together and filled those balloons with air.

Most often, today’s balloons are made of latex rather than rubber. After all, harvesting rubber means using up rubber-producing trees in the Amazon. Meanwhile, latex trees can be harvested repeatedly without killing the tree, and a given tree can provide latex for nearly 40 years. This is a much more ecologically sustainable model, and thus it is the standard. Latex balloons can be filled with air or helium, and both air filled balloons and helium ones may range in diameter from 10 to 30 centimeters. If an 11 inch latex balloon is filled with helium, it may last around 12-20 hours, but one filled with air may last for about two weeks or so (though it’s not going to float). These balloons may be sold in packets with dozens or even a hundred balloons inside, but until they are inflated, they are small and present a choking hazard to youngsters and pets.

What about foil balloons? These are made not of latex, but made out of two foil sheets that are fused at their edges to form a complete item. What is interesting to note about these foil models is that they may be cut into all sorts of shapes before the sheets are fused. While latex balloons are typically shaped roughly like a pear, these foil balloons can vary in shape such as squares, circles, or even numbers or hearts. It depends on how the sheets are cut during production. These balloons can stay together no matter what odd shape they take. What is more, they can have custom graphics printed onto their surface, and they may have messages such as “happy birthday” or “get well soon” or have brand-name images or visuals on them, too. These balloons, as mentioned above, are typically sold already inflated so that customers can see what their printed logos are and see their shape. While in a store, these balloons are attached to strings weighed down with something.

Where to Use Balloons

What kind of occasion calls for some balloons? A common time to us them is with a child’s birthday party, since kids often love colorful and festive decorations all over the place. This ranges from balloons to streamers to colorful paper plates. Those latex balloons might be filled with helium and attached to strings, a fine idea for outdoor parties. Indoors, the balloons might be air filled balloons, and they can be taped onto walls, the ceiling, the backs of chairs, or anywhere else. A bunch of them can be gathered and used as a sort of ball pit.

Foil balloons with special messages can be used for an adolescent’s birthday party, such as a girl’s Sweet 16 party, or they can be given to a hospital patient who’s recovering. Balloons can also be used for casual outdoor weddings, and may be colored to match the wedding’s visual theme. Air filled balloons in the hundreds may also be featured in a high school prom.

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