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When Was the Last Time That You Received Recognition for an Accomplishment at Work?


What a celebration!

If you have not been hiding under a rock these last few weeks then you have likely seen the excitement surrounding the American Women’s National Soccer Team victory at the World Cup. Winning for the fourth time in a tournament that has only been played eight times, the U.S. female athletes on this team are in the spotlight.

And while there are plenty of little girls who might be dusting off their own trophies and plaques, there are also many adults who wonder if the awards they have received in the past should be on display. It is important to know, for instance, that even in a time when the world wants to focus on winners, there are still many instances when participation and retirement trophies hold value as well. Whether it is a collection of custom crystal plaques that you have earned after many years with the same company or exclusive crystal designs that are awarded for hours of volunteer time, there are many times when the trophies and plaques on our shelves speak silent volumes about the way we have spent our time or lived our life.

Length of Service Awards and Engraved Retirement Gifs Provide a Great Way to Thank Loyal Employees

Personalized crystal gifts like custom crystal plaques serve as a traditional way to honor people who have been with your company for a long period of time or for people who are ready to retire. Given in combination with a cash gift, in fact, these plaques serve as a long standing reminder of the years that have spent at a private company, a church, a school district, or law enforcement agency.

The latest employment research indicates that 86% of companies with employee recognition programs cite an increase in worker happiness. This is an important piece of information when you realize that the average CEO tenure has decreased from about 10 years in the 1990s to about 5.5 years today. Finding a way to keep the best employees starts with taking the time to recognize the efforts of those who have worked with you the longest. And while the celebration of the latest U.S. Women’s Soccer victory is certainly gaining more world wide attention, there are many of us who find great satisfaction in knowing that we have a few trophies and plaques on our own shelves as well.

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