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Balloons for All of Your Party Needs


You’re planning one of the biggest parties ever and you want to ensure that you have everything that you need, so you pull out your handy checklist of supplies. While you’re looking, you notice that there is nothing on the list that will really spruce up the area and tie the whole party, making it an official birthday party or anniversary for your family. This might be because of the fact that you didn’t consider balloons!

The History of Balloons and Our Love for Them Today

You probably remember the first time that you saw a clown with a latex balloon or the first time you saw foil balloons at a family party, your eyes lighting up as you realized that you were at a party. Balloons are one of the biggest signs of a celebration that we see at parties today and, even though loud when popped, can bring fun to a child’s or adult’s eyes.

Did you know that balloons have been around for quite some time? In fact, according to history, the first rubber balloon was actually made by a man named Michael Faraday, a Professor who coined the invention in 1824. He created the rubber balloon by taking two sheets of rubber and pressing the edges against one another. Now, we have latex balloons that we use for many different occasions that mark the start of a great party and time spent with family and friends. Not only are they something we have grown to love for their appearance in parties, but they are also eco-friendly, which makes them even more enjoyable. In fact, rubber trees grow in rain forests and latex harvesting actually discourages deforestation. This is because latex-producing trees are always left behind so that they can bring many products to the market today. Just one tree is able to produce latex for up to 40 years, which is a long time when it comes to this needed business!

Yes, balloons have been around for quite some time, including foil balloons. The silver metalized types have been around since the 1970s since their very existence. They were used in the 1970s for use in the New York City Ballet. Now that you know how long they have been around, it makes them that much more interesting!

Using Balloons for Your Next Party

When you have your next get-together, you might want to consider using a product that has been around for ages and continues to bring joy to those across the world. 71% of people targeted in a survey said that they love a good birthday celebration, which means that you might be in the works for party planning within the next year. If so, you will need everything, from special decorations and balloons to the best food you could imagine! Remember what your guests love and use products you know will bring them joy and remind them of their favorite childhood moments.

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