Storm Chaser Makes Bold Move to Save His Car


Storm chasing is a dangerous hobby. People put themselves and their vehicles in harms way to learn more about tornadoes and the storms that produce them. Fortunately, many of them are trained professionals and know how to keep themselves safe. This is not to say that the unspeakable happens from time to time. However, storm chasers use radar and their knowledge to stay one step ahead of tornadoes when possible.

Video Source

However, in this video, you will see a tornado catch a veteran storm chaser by surprise.

Recently, a tornado hit a small town in Texas. Veteran storm chaser, Hank Schyma, was on the chase. A large tornado was picking up dust from an empty field. This is a good start because tornadoes can easily rip apart roofs and whole buildings. Thankfully, no call to the roofing company was needed as a result of this tornado. However, it nearly cost Hank a lot more. The tornado made a quick U-turn and headed straight for him. Hank realized he had to act fast. He took an escape route and floored the gas pedal. After some moments of intense driving, Frank was safe on the other side of the storm.


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