Tornado Devastates Northern Michigan


Tornadoes don’t often occur in northern Michigan. However, when they do, they often catch people by surprise. In this video, you will see how a strong tornado hit the town of Gaylord, Michigan.

The video consists of clips from different local perspectives of the same tornado. In one clip, a car is sitting in the road recording the tornado as it passes nearby.

Video Source

The winds are whipping violently, but it is hard to determine the intensity at first. Then, you can see a roof fly by as it is hurled by the tornado. This is quite a terrifying feat of strength. Whoever is unfortunate to own that building is going to need some serious commercial roof repair.

Tornadoes are classified from an EF0 to a EF5 depending on their strength. It is very difficult to measure the strength of a tornado safely while it is on the ground. Therefore, wind strength is often estimated afterwards by the extend of the damage. This tornado could have very well been towards the higher end of the scale. This is especially apparent when you see how much damage it caused in the other clips.


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