Helpful Tips for Starting an Etsy Business


Starting a small business is no easy feat, especially when you are starting from scratch. Thankfully, Etsy provides an excellent platform for young artists and seasoned craftsmen alike to share and sell their pieces. Though this may seem easy at first, there are several different pitfalls one can fall into when making their first Etsy store. From incorrect dimensional weight charges during shipping, to underselling your products, there are plenty of mistakes you should make an effort to avoid. In this video, we will take a look at some advice from an Etsy user about setting up your first store.

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First of all, it is crucial to know who you are selling to. Come up with a catchy brand for your store and invest in attractive banner images and product photography. Encourage any of your buyers to leave a good review, so that you become a trusted user of the site. Additionally, you are going to want to cross-promote your work on social media sites in order to reach more customers. Focus on having certain tags for each of your items so that users can find them more easily, and add a short description to each listing.


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