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3 Fun and Unique Gifts for Kids Going Back to School


If someone in your life is gearing up to go back to school, then you know that this time of year can be a bittersweet one. Whatever excitement may be there for the upcoming year is usually met with groans and sighs at the fact that the summer is rapidly coming to an end. Why not soften the blow with a few small, inexpensive gifts that will let the young people in your life know that you’re thinking of them? We have a list of fun and unique gifts that can be a great addition to lockers, backpacks, or cubbies, and may quickly be a great part of your child’s school routine.

For the Home Desk: A Miniature Zen Garden

If the child in your life is prone to fidgeting or anxiety, incorporating an activity that allows them to do something with their hands in a calming way during homework time can increase productivity and transfer that energy into something soothing. A desktop zen garden kit will have sand, small stones for worrying or arranging, and a small rake to move the sand around the container. The soothing action of moving the sand is great for distracted hands, while the ability to arrange and rearrange the stones will allow the child to have a small space they can decorate exactly how they like it.

For the Backpack: A Miniature Paint Set

If the child in your life has an artistic streak, why not look toward fun and unique gifts that speak to their interests? Complete with a tiny brush and a palette of 5-6 colors, a mini paint set is the perfect size for the aspiring artist on the go. Pair it with another small gift like a tiny pad of watercolor paper, or even a pad of Post-It notes, and you’ve got everything you need for an art studio on the go. Even if it doesn’t wind up being a practical addition in terms of its usefulness as a painting, the child in your life will appreciate that you got them a gift that spoke to their interests.

For After School: A Miniature Uno Deck

Uno is a card game whose popularity has endured for decades. With its bright colors and fast pace, it’s one of those fun and unique gifts that delights both the young and the young at heart. Many schools don’t allow the use of outside card games as they can be a distraction for learning, but give the children in your life something to look forward to when they come home. The miniature version of the game is even more fun than the full size, especially when it comes time to whip down that Draw 4 card and make your winning move.

There are plenty of other small inexpensive gifts you can give the child in your life in order to help blunt the disappointment of having to head back to school. Ultimately, the hope is that whatever gift you get them is one that shows them that you care about their interests. Every time they look at it, they’ll see that you were thinking of them, which may make the transition a little more bearable. It’s the thought that counts, and any of these fun and unique gifts are sure to be a hit for anyone dreading the impending end of summer vacation.

Have you had especially good luck with back to school gifts? Let us know in the comments below what the favorites were in your house!

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