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Fine Art Galleries in NYC


Art is notoriously nebulous to define, but all the same, cultures around the world, past and present, create it. Art can have religious significance or represent societal norms and morals, but it can also be created for entertainment and to provoke thought and debate. Some art is in fact designed in particular to inspire controversy and debate on an intellectual level. Art spans music, dance, jewelry, paintings and sketches, sculpture, and more, but most of today’s art galleries feature paintings and sketches in particular. Corporate art dealers may have a lot of paintings on hand, and private collections often feature paintings with great emphasis. The best art gallery around can be found with an online search, and tourists to a city may find fine galleries like this. A query such as “fine art new york” may show some results, or the search may be narrowed down further such as “fine art new york Latin artists” or “high end fine art new york.”

The Business of Art

Art is a business like any other, and it often attracts high-end buyers and collectors, making for a strong industry. Some paintings or rare photographs may go for a lot of money in actions, and private collections may be truly impressive. As of 2017, for example, the worldwide art market was valued at nearly $64 billion USD, and some 53% of all collections i the world feature over 500 pieces each. Meanwhile, the United States in particular is home to 113,000 nonprofit art organizations that employ nearly 2.2 million people. In fact, it is believed that American artists are represented in 40% of all art collections found around the world today. Some of this art may be ethnic in origin, such African-American Art or Latin American art in particular. Right now, Hispanic and Latino artists represent 2.8% of all artists with work in prominent museums.

Art and Health

Art is not only pleasant to look at, and it not only may inspire thought or debate, but art is actually good for a person’s health. How so? Someone looking up “fine art new york” or “latin art in miami” may find a rich gallery nearby and look over many attractive pieces. All the while, the human mind is soothed by the sight and idea of art, and studies confirm that art can help relax the mind and even lower a viewer’s blood pressure and cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Many surveyed museum guests report feeling calm and at peace when they finish touring a gallery for at least 30 minutes. It may not be a coincidence, then, that art pieces are often shown off in public spaces such as libraries or doctors’ offices. Not only that, but art in a hotel lobby, dentist’s waiting room, and similar spaces may offer a more homely look that sets guests at ease. Some guests may expect art to be displayed and may be surprised if it’s absent.

Qualified art consultants may be hired to choose the most ideal art pieces to display in a dentist’s office or library or hotel, but they may also be asked to find art to display in the workspace. Why an office? Studies have shown that when art such as painting prints or photographs are displayed on an office’s walls, the employees there may feel calmer and even more creative. This can boost productivity in all sorts of ways, just from looking at attractive paintings. Office employees may enjoy this creative boost to productivity if they have an environment that encourages creativity. This includes not only paintings or photos, but also potted plants and innovative arrangements of tables and desks. An office does not have to be a plain or dull place to be, and in fact the opposite leads to better results, not worse. Art does not distract; it inspires, in many cases. As a bonus, art for the workplace may be a fine way to for up-and-coming local artists to show off their works, since they might not be able to get their works put in a large gallery. Art consultants for offices may go on the prowl for local artists willing to share their latest works.

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