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Three Reasons to Get an Ice Sculpture for Your Event


Ice carving is a skill that isn’t easy to develop. Working with a medium that can crack or melt in the wrong environment can mean a lot of hours spent carving are lost. And keeping ice at a temperature in which it will remain stable means that the artist must succumb to a cold work space and some very careful chisel work.

However, the ice sculptors who have mastered their craft are well-worth seeking out. A magnificent ice sculpture can be the difference between a forgettable event and an unforgettable event. If you’re planning an event, whether it’s a party, wedding, or other celebration, consider adding an ice sculpture to your decor. You won’t regret the addition, but if you’re still not convinced, let’s look at three reasons why an ice sculpture is the perfect centerpiece for your next party.

Sustainable Decoration

Forget plastic decorations that clutter up landfills and slip into the ocean- an ice sculpture doesn’t last forever, but as it melts, it turns back to water, leaving behind no waste, no plastic, no chemicals, and no paper. Cheap decorations can add a cute flair to a party, and expensive, carefully-curated or even handmade decor can add a personal touch to a wedding, but those decorations either get thrown away after the event or stuffed into a closet. A custom ice sculpture is a beautiful way to create a personalized memory that’s not only beautiful, but doesn’t require storage space after the event.

Serve a Dual Purpose

You’ve planned the menu, organized your catering or potluck, and decided on the cutlery. You’ve got plenty of drinks, but the bags of ice you’ve had to buy are quickly melting in the hallway. Or, you’re left with a ton of ice after your party and nowhere to put it except outside on the lawn to melt. The beauty of ice sculptures lies in the fact that it serves a dual purpose. Not only do these ice carvings create an exceptional centerpiece, they can be used as the source of ice for your party, allowing your guests to elegantly chip their own ice cubes off the base of your sculpture.

Customized for Your Event

Customized decorations can be difficult to acquire without spending a pretty penny. That’s where ice sculpting comes in. Working with a master ice carving artisan means you’ll not only have an idea of what your sculpture will look like once it’s completed, it means you have more freedom to have the perfect creation delivered to your event. Plus, an ice carving is something that will stand out in a memorable way, unlike basic, run-of-the-mill decorations.

Ice sculptures may seem like an opulent and extravagant center piece for your event, and the truth is, they are. The the fabulous touch an ice sculpture will add to your next event means your guests won’t soon forget about a fantastic evening spent with friends as you come together in celebration.

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