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When to Get Some Wholesale Balloons


Many events or parties call for fun and festive decorations, and a person planning a birthday party or a baby shower may visit a party supply store in their area and find all kinds of goodies. This ranges from paper plates and napkins and disposable cups all the way to foil balloons, air filled balloons, latex balloons, streamers, candles, and much more. These supplies are a great choice for a birthday party or for a baby shower, as mentioned earlier, or anything like that. Some outdoor events such as charity runs or the like might also have balloons, as may high school dances such as prom. A prom is a fine time for many balloons, streamers, and a whole lot more. On the business side of things, a party supply store will need wholesale balloons suppliers who can provide party equipment in bulk, and wholesale balloons suppliers may be found with an online search. Aside from wholesale balloons suppliers, the party supply store might also get B2B (business to business) supplies such as helium. A newly opened party supply store will definitely need connections to wholesale balloons suppliers.

All About Balloons

When were balloons invented? Rubber balloons date back to 1824, when a professor Michael Faraday pressed together the edges of two sheets f rubber and inflated them. Balloons were refined since then, and by the 20th century, they became a beloved staple of decorating nearly any room or event. In fact, a recent survey revealed that around 71% of people like to celebrate their birthday no matter their age, and that often calls for balloons. Most often, balloons are made of latex, and they may be 10 to 30 centimeters in diameter or so, and may come in a variety of colors. Other balloons, meanwhile, are made with thin foil and can have all sorts of graphic and patterns printed on them to create a custom image. And while latex balloons have a distinctive pear-like shape, these foil balloons are often shaped into numbers, letter, squares, or any other shape needed. This makes them flexible and they can be shaped for nearly any occasion. In general, a latex balloon may be expected to last around 12-20 hours if it’s filled with helium, and balloons filled with plain air might last for a week or two. But when and where might someone want balloons?

When the Time Comes for Balloons

Where are these fun, floating decorations used? A common time for them is a birthday party, most typically for a kid’s birthday party. Colorful balloons will brighten up any room or back yard for a party, especially when combined with other decorations like strings of large letters, streamers, and more. In particular, girls in the United States and Canada are known to have a larger celebration for their 16th birthday, often known as their “sweet sixteen.” This party will definitely have a lot of decorations, and that includes balloons, too. In this case, some of the balloons might be the foil type, which may form the number “16” or may be a large square with a graphic printed on it.

That’s not all. Other festive events call for balloons and streamers, such as a baby shower. Expecting mothers like to attend a baby shower where her friends, sisters, mother, or possibly even daughters will provide gifts to the mother-to-be wi9th items she may need for maternal life. And besides that, a charity event may have decorations in place (including balloons), and a school dance will do the same. High school proms are known for having a “balloon cage” at the ceiling, and when activated, that cage will release hundreds of air-filled balloons for the dancers to enjoy. This can be a lot of fun. And that’s in addition to the regular, decorative balloons found during the prom (those might be helium-filled).

Balloons have only minimal safety requirements. Balloons shouldn’t be allowed near hot surfaces such as an open fire or a hot light bulb, or else the air inside will heat up and expand until the balloon burst. Also, children, babies, and pets shouldn’t be allowed near un-inflated balloons, which may pose a choking hazards. Only responsible adolescents and adults should be allowed to handle balloons until they’re fully inflated.

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