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Things to Do During a Romantic Getaway in Amish Country


Let’s face it, there are few things in life more stress-relieving than going on vacation. It takes only two days on vacation for most people to feel their stress drop significantly. Romantic getaways, in particular, are important for any relationship to survive in the long term. Romantic vacations allow couples to reconnect, unwind, and remember just how much fun it is to be with their significant other. While it may sound surprising, one of the best places for couples to go on a romantic trip is the Amish country located in Ohio. Ohio has one of the largest Amish settlements in the country and it is easy for a couple to have a wonderful time for a weekend or even a week. Here are three fun activities you can do during a romantic trip to Amish Country.

  • Stay in a Bed and Breakfast: No romantic getaway to Amish country would be complete without a stay in an Amish bed and breakfast. There are a wide number to choose from in the area, ranging from the small and intimate, perfect for a couple looking for a weekend away, to large establishments that can serve ten at a time. One of the advantages to staying in an Amish bed and breakfast is your stay will that have simple, Amish touch. You’ll be staying in buildings, or possibly former homes decorated with handmade Amish furniture and beautiful Amish quilts. For those seeking a romantic getaway, Amish bed and breakfasts make it easy to relax and feel right at home during their stay.
  • Visit a Winery: Another fun, romantic activity you can do during a trip to Amish country is visit a local winery. The Amish take great care in everything they do, and that includes making wine and beer. While visiting an Amish winery, you can not only view the wines being made, you’ll also be able to sample a variety of the products. Wine tasting is a fun activity for couples to take part in, so visiting a winery should be a must-do activity during your trip.
  • Go on a Buggy Ride: Another romantic activity you can go on in Amish country is a buggy ride. There are few things more romantic than taking a ride with your significant other through the beautiful countryside in Amish country. Because the Amish believe in a simple life, there are few power poles, little traffic, and beautiful farms on every hillside. Amish homes are decorated with a simplicity that you won’t see in many places, and the farms are particularly beautiful during the fall when the harvest is coming in. One thing to take note of is that many Amish aren’t comfortable with having their pictures taken, even if its from a distance, so if you want to take pictures during a buggy ride, be mindful of any people around you.

In conclusion, there are a number of activities you can do during a romantic getaway in Amish country. You can stay at an Amish bed and breakfast, visit an Amish winery, or go on a romantic buggy ride through the Amish countryside. If you’re looking for a place to go for a quick romantic weekend away from the stresses of everyday life, going to stay in Amish country is an excellent option.

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