Understanding Fine Art Appraisal


A 2011 University of London study found that blood flow increased 10 percent to the “joy response” part of the brain when subjects saw a beautiful painting — just like when you look at a loved one. Art has been an important part of society for thousands of years, but how is it valued? In this article, we are going to take a closer look at fine art appraisal.

Fine art appraisal is used to give value to a piece of art. There are many different kinds of fine art appraisers that work in different areas.

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The price that the appraiser sets the piece of art at is a matter of their opinion. Even though it is opinion-based, appraisers have a vast knowledge of artwork that allows them to figure out the specific numbers.

There are many different things that an appraiser will look at while they evaluate art. An example of something that they may look at is who the artist is who made the piece. If the piece comes from well-known artists, the value of the work may increase. Condition is also taken into account, as a piece of artwork that is in good shape is most commonly worth more than a piece of art that is not.


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