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Three Reasons Why People Are Starting To Prefer Electric Skateboards


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It can be difficult for people to adjust to new things — and skaters are no different from anyone else in this respect. There is a huge skateboarding market worldwide, but it’s especially huge in the United States, which accounts for 50% of the total skateboarding market. Right now, there are about 500 different skate parks in the United States alone, and many of the skaters in the U.S. are what we call core skaters. Core skaters are people who skate 26 times or more a year, whereas a casual skater skates just 25 times ore less a year. Not only are there a lot of skaters in the U.S. — it’s a diverse crowd. At the moment, 77.1% of all skaters are male, with 83.4% of core skaters being male. While conversely 23.9% of all skaters and 16.6% of core skaters are female, that number can be expected to grow as skateboarding is treated less as an alternative part of counterculture and more as a legitimate sport. This is especially true now, thanks to advent of electric and motorized skateboards and longboards. Electric skateboard are exciting, allowing skaters to try new things and challenge themselves more than they ever have before. Below, we’ll look into some of the advantages of trying to skate electric. There’s a reason why motorized off road skateboards are sweeping the nation.

1. Conserved Energy

One of the reasons why more casual skaters are afraid of getting into the sport on a more intense level is that they’re afraid of tiring themselves out. It’s true that pushing yourself on a skateboard can be challenging, especially if you’re not yet in shape. Some people just don’t have the patience that pushing a skateboard takes; but at the same time, the issues can sometimes be more serious than that. People feel excluded from skateboarding because they have certain health problems that keep them from pushing — and that shouldn’t be the case. The “skate electric” movement isn’t just for people who want to get more serious about skating. Power skateboards are just as much for people who’ve never tried skating before and want to make it more accessible.

2. Off Road Skating

People love to skate electric because it allows them to try new terrains. While skate parks are great options for those who like to skateboard, they can become a bit monotonous over time. For that matter, skate parks tend to be confined to towns and cities, which isn’t much help to skaters who want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Ironically, the addition of new technology to skateboards has made it easier for skaters to get out in nature. Electric skateboards allow people to control their speed, which makes trying out uneven territory safer. Skating off road can be exciting for skaters, simply because it makes stunts that were previously impossible simple. They also allow people to move uphill faster — whereas normally, skating uphill required more effort and a loss of speed.

3. Unlimited Options

One of the reasons why people love to skate electric is that with an electric skateboard, you don’t have to choose one option over the other. A traditional skateboard means that you’re limited to traditional skating. An electric skateboard lets you try out both options and use them whenever you want. All you have to do if you want to switch back to traditional skating is turn off the motor, and you’re good to go. For that matter, the control that you have over your skateboard makes skating safer. If you’re skating traditionally off road and suddenly find yourself in a rockier territory, you can switch to skating electric. At the same time, if you feel as if you need to dial back your speed, you can either slow your electric skateboard down or turn it off entirely. Essentially, electric skateboards let people have a greater level of control over how they skate, and that’s an asset for both core and casual skaters.

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