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The Top Three Reasons You Should Think About Being a Photographer


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It can be hard to find a job, but why not make your own job in photography? Here are three reasons it could be a good choice for you:

1. There’s a Lot of Places to Find Work

One thing that makes a lot of folks balk at taking up photography, acting, singing, or any other creative outlet as a career is the fear that they will not find work. Anyone can do those things without qualifications, and everyone would want to do those things, so why should there be any jobs left? Simply put, there are a lot of jobs to be made. There are almost two hundred twenty five thousand photographers in the United States and only about one hundred sixty thousand photography businesses. A second or third member being added to a photography business is certainly not a ridiculous thought — and on top of that, since it seems there are plenty of photography businesses with just one person, it seems very feasible to have your own business! On that note…

2. There’s a Lot of Work to be Had

Whether you are considering beach wedding photos ideas or casual party photos concepts, there is a lot of work to be found. For example, there are about two and a half million weddings in the United States each year and each one usually has a photographer. Wedding budgeting nearly always finds room for a photographer, and that photographer could be you with a little marketing work! Creative wedding photographers are in high demand, so if you have wedding tips and ideas, beach wedding photos could be your market! It is a lucrative market as well, because….

3. There’s a Whole Lot of Money to be Made

About ten billion dollars was made by the American photography industry. With only so many photographers around, that is a huge cut for each one on average. While of course not every photographer makes an even take of that, it just goes to show how much hard work can pay off in that sector! What do you think of photography as a career? Read more blogs like this.

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