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The Many Benefits of Dancing


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Do you love to dance? If so, your reasons may include a love of music, the sheer joy of movement, and you’re also aware of its many physical and mental health benefits. People have engaged in dancing for thousands of years as a religious ritual as well as for entertainment.

A Brief History of Dance

Were you aware that there are ancient cave paintings that depict dancing in India? These paintings are believed to be over 9,000-year-old, and are the first archeological discovery of people shown dancing.

Archeological finds also include the murals of ancient Egyptians. These demonstrate that dancing was used for religious purposes and as for a form of entertainment.

Another interesting historical fact about dancing pertains to Louis XIV who founded the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse during the late 17th century. At this time, specific rules were formed for ballroom dancing, which comes from the Latin word, ballare,, which means “to dance.”

It would be interesting to know what King Louis XIV’s reaction would be to discovering that ballroom dancing is now recognized as an Olympic sport.

The Physical Benefits of Dancing

Dancing provides the level of aerobic activity that is known to promote cardiovascular health. It can assist you with improving your posture, balance, and flexibility. Furthermore, it has been shown to strengthen bones and muscles, as well as assist with maintaining an optimal weight.

When you take dance classes on a consistent basis, it can assist you with creating a regular exercise routine. If you are finding it challenging to create time to exercise at home, regular dance classes at a dance studio can provide you with the structure you might need.

You will most likely notice other benefits when you take regular dance studio lessons. These include being able to meet new people, socialize, and have fun.

The Mental Health Benefits of Dancing

If you’ve been experiencing bouts of depression, were you aware that regular dancing can make a difference in your state-of-mind? Recent studies have also shown that engaging in dance can also reduce or improve the symptoms associated with depression.

Have you been experiencing a lot of stress or tension? It’s also be shown that engaging in regular dancing may significantly reduce daily stress, according to a controlled study published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology.

There have been other studies conducted on the mental health benefits of dancing. When you take regular lessons at a dance studio, it may also help to improve memory, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Furthermore, this study also found that dancing can potentially reduce the risk of dementia.

Joining a Dance Studio

If you haven’t danced in a while and are feeling a bit shy, you may want to sign up for a private dance lesson or 2. After you begin to feel more confident with the dances you’re learning, you can join a group dance class and experience even more fun.

Whether you want to take ballroom dancing lessons or prepare for a wedding dance, there are so many other dances that you will want to learn later. Before you know it, dancing will be an integral part of your life. Visit here for more.

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