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The Benefits Of Going To An Escape Room Event


The escape a room experience has become hugely popular no matter where you go in the United States, as well as many other places all throughout the world. Escape a room or “escape room” as it is also frequently called, is a set of challenges given to a group of people where they ultimately must, as the name suggests, escape a room. An escape a room venue can be perfect for a number of outings, from family fun to as a bonding experience between coworkers. The escape room party has also become more and more prevalent in recent years, particularly for birthday parties among all ages.

Spending time with your family is certainly important – and particularly so if you have children. Your young kids want to spend time with you, and you with them, of course, but it can be difficult to find an activity that the whole family is likely to enjoy. And the newfound prevalence of mobile devices such as cell phones only serves to make this more difficult. In fact, nearly half of all parents in the United States (around forty seven percent, to be more exact) have said that they feel that their young children are addicted, in a sense, to their cell phones, with children under the age of eight now spending at least forty eight minutes a day looking at screens of some sort, be it on a television or on a cell phone. And more than thirty percent of the parents themselves feel that they, too, find it hard to put the phone down and engage with the real world. And is it any wonder? Cell phones can prove to be endlessly entertaining, with apps for just about everything, from shopping to games, and can be difficult to step away from. Going to an escape a room location can be the solution, forcing parents and children alike to let go of the cell phones and engage with one another. As more than eighty percent of children (eighty five percent) say that they have fun with their parents when they do something together, an escape room challenge can be the perfect way to build memories and strengthen relationships and bonds for the whole family. And as families with children make up nearly fifteen percent of all escape a room players, it is a growing way to spend a day together.

An escape room experience can also be ideal for corporate purposes. Too often, employees of any given corporation or company are disengaged and traditional employee incentive measures, such as holiday parties, are actually often found to be boring and less than the ideal way to spend time. In fact, as many as thirty five percent of employees all throughout the United States feel that holiday parties are, in fact, not fun at all, and give them a resolute thumbs down. But company culture is important – and essential to job retention. If a strong company culture is not present, data shows that the job turnover rate nears fifty percent – meaning that half of all employees do not stay at the company for considerable periods of time. An escape room corporate event is one step that can be taken to fix this growing problem pervading all areas of business in the United States. Escape a room events encourage teamwork and relationship building, and are fun and engaging at the same time. For corporations and businesses throughout the entire country, this team building is often very much needed.

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