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7 Amazing Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas


Throughout a marriage, it’s important to avoid giving and getting the same boring gifts. It’s understandable to want to do something that celebrates you while also giving your husband a unique gift. Considering that, wife boudoir photos are great and sexy gift ideas. Whether you’re celebrating a new marriage or you’ve been together for 40 years, sexy boudoir pictures are sure to be a hit with that special someone. While women have been posing for sensual artwork and photography for over 150 years, boudoir photos became popular throughout the 50s and 60s. With that in mind, here are seven classic but sexy ideas for an upcoming wife boudoir photo shoot.

  1. Bring His Favorite Lingerie

    If you’re considering having wife boudoir photos taken, you likely know quite a bit about your husband. With that in mind, you can probably remember a certain skimpy outfit you’ve worn that he raved about. Considering that, you’ll definitely want to remember this item for a few lingerie photography shots. In addition, the intended receiver will love seeing his wife in a pair of lingerie.
  2. Throw on a Pair of Heels

    It’s tough to find anything sexier than a nice pair of heels. Considering that, a pair of high heels is a great addition to your wife boudoir photos. If you want to go with a classic color, nothing is better than a black pair of heels. Don’t worry if wearing heels feels odd, you’ll only need them on for a few minutes.
  3. Something for the Sports Fan

    Many people throughout the world love watching sports. With that in mind, it’s likely that you person you married has one or several favorite sports teams. Considering that, nothing is sexier than a woman wearing a sports outfit for that special fan in her life. It’s even better if you can bring a jersey with the name of your husband’s favorite player on it.
  4. Consider a Few Black and White Shots

    While you likely have many ideas about an upcoming boudoir photo shoot, you can never go wrong with a classic look. Considering that, black and white boudoir photography is sexy and timeless. If you want to create a vintage feel to your shots, consider bringing along a fedora, overcoat, or similar pieces of attire. In addition, ties also work extremely well to turn up the heat in any boudoir photo.
  5. Tops are Optional

    It’s understandable to feel a little nervous about posing for the camera. For many women, this isn’t something that they do every day. Considering that, it’s important that you feel empowered while these shoots are taking place. If you feel comfortable and the photographer offers the service, topless boudoir photos are sure to go over well with your loved one.
  6. Boudoir Photos Don’t Have to be Revealing

    Many women don’t feel comfortable with taking revealing shots. At least, not for their first boudoir photography shoot. This is perfectly understandable. That being said, you’ll want to consider that only 5% of women are naturally shaped like the typical women popularized throughout American media. Considering that, it’s popular for many women to take photos in sexy dresses.
  7. Bring Out Your Inner Rockstar

    Some women have husbands that love playing music. With that in mind, you can take this idea and turn into several sexy boudoir photography shots. For instance, consider sneaking away one of your husband’s guitars to bring along. Throw in teased hair and some wild makeup and you’ll look like his rock and roll fantasy.

To summarize, there are many ways that you can create sexy wife boudoir photos. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a reputable photographer. Considering that, you’ll want to choose a photography company that makes their clients feel at ease. You should never be coerced into potential photo ideas that you don’t feel comfortable with. Finding a photography client that gives helpful tips while making you feel empowered will create timeless and classy boudoir photos.

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