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Rent Your Wedding Linens For Effortless Elegance and Clean Up


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A wedding can be one of the most joyous — but also one of the most stressful — occasions in a person’s life. It’s certainly a wonderful celebration of two people falling in love and their families and friends uniting. However, with all that celebration comes a lot of planning, which can turn even the sweetest bride into Bridezilla! Luckily for brides-to-be and their partners, there are plenty of services available that can help streamline the whole planning process and make it somewhat less stressful. A wedding linen rental, for example, can help take care of a significant part of the reception planning. A wedding linen rental will ensure that your linens match, sync well with an overall color scheme, and keep you from having to purchase all that linen yourself! There’s also a good chance you’ll have the opportunity to use the rental company for other aspects of the party or they may be well connected with rental companies that offer rental chairs, tables, and tents.
Some Things to Keep In Mind…
Many brides dream of a June wedding — in fact, a study called the Real Weddings Study was done by the Knot in 2014, which showed that June was the most popular month to get married in. Many brides will want an outdoor element to their wedding if they have a summer wedding, which is where renting a tent can come in handy. Wedding tents can be grand, sweeping, elegant affairs of sailcloth and can be made charming with the addition of string lights and more rustic elements. It can also be cheaper to rent an outdoor space and some tents, rather than pay for an indoor space, especially if you’re having a simpler wedding.
The same study showed that the average number of people attending a wedding is just over 135, so you want to make sure you have adequate seating and coverage for people. Wedding chairs can also be rented for these kind of events, which ensures you’ll have matching, adequate seating once you can confirm your final number of guests.
You’ll also need to calculate how much square footage you’ll require for the tent, once your guest list is confirmed. You should take your guest count and times it by 15 square feet for tabled seating, 6 square feet for a standing or cocktail space, 8 square feet for the wedding ceremony or seated guests, between 2-3 square feet for a dance space, and 25 square feet for the main table.
What Are Some Other Reasons to Hire a Rental Company?
If you pick the right rental company, you’re assured to get a high quality wedding linen rental for a flat price. This is certainly cheaper than buying them all yourself, especially when you may never use them again. You also won’t have to worry about washing them all yourself after the fact — the rental company will simply pick them up and take them away! Storage after the big event can also be hard, especially if you had a big wedding.
In some cases, a rental company will even help you set the linens up — although it certainly depends on the company and how large your venue is. But you can specify a drop off (and a pick up) time and they’ll bring the linens right to you. No more worries about making time to pick them up and bring them back! A rental company may also have more options in style, size, color, and even patterns. Tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and even chair covers are often included in the wedding linen rental options.
Some rental companies also offer a basic type of “insurance” with their linens, that protects against extra fees if something gets stained or especially dirty. After all — it is a wedding and accidents can happen!
In short, getting wedding linen rentals or using a rental company for your wedding can help make your life a lot easier. There’s no need to stress yourself out even more over wedding plans — you want this special day to be just that, special! Let others handle some of the logistics and focus on the celebration.

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