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Make an Amusement Park Your Next Family Destination


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Did you know there are over 400 amusement parks in the United States? Amusement parks are part of a larger category of attractions. Attractions typically include theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, science centers, museums, and resorts. There are over 30,000 attractions in the United States that have collectively brought in over $219 billion.

Amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks don’t just make a lot of money; they also stimulate the local economy. In 2011 alone, these types of attractions brought in roughly $55.4 billion into the local economies. This is a significant economic impact that can help any community thrive.

The impact an amusement park can have on the local economy far outweighs any perceived disadvantages. For example, amusement parks bring increased traffic, tourists, and congestion. However, they will also provide economic support for local hotels, restaurants, stores, and community events. An amusement park can help surrounding communities thrive and expand.

In a recent survey, 37% of respondents stated that amusement parks are a desired vacation destination for parents. Amusement parks provide activities and entertainment for both children and adults, which caters to all families. 32% of respondents stated that their family would prefer an annual trip to an amusement park over a weekly outing in their local area. This makes it more cost-effective as well. A

On average, an amusement park guest will stay for 2.7 hours. While this may not seem like a lot of time, it is enough time to ride favorite rides, enjoy favorite snacks, and participate in their favorite entertainment. Getting a seasonal pass allows visits to take shorter trips and avoid the exhaustion of walking around the park all day. Season ticket holders can come and go as they like, and they get the most value for their money spent.

Of all the people surveyed, 64% said their last trip to an amusement park was a day trip, and 27% said their most recent trip was an overnight trip. Taking an overnight trip is ideal for families that do not live in close driving distance to an amusement park, but it also lets visitors stretch their time in the park out over two days, which can be considerably less exhausting.

The goal of visiting an amusement is to have fun, experience some excitement trying new things, and spending time together. Taking the time to plan out your trip can alleviate a lot of the stress and exhaustion that can sometimes come up. Going to a new park can provide the family adventure you’ve all been looking for and provide an opportunity for some old-fashioned family fun.

For example, plan ahead when you plan to stop and eat to ensure you don’t wait too long. Waiting for food when everyone is already starved can ruin an afternoon. Plotting out where the bathrooms are and making frequent stops can prevent emergency bathroom stops or runs across a park. Dressing appropriately for the weather can also allow you to avoid unnecessary tantrums and emotional breakdowns.

If you are visiting an amusement park you’ve never been to before, you can look up a park map online ahead of time. This will allow you to plan out your day. You can also look up the rides and view any restrictions, such as age or height that may impact your family. Knowing which rides to avoid ahead of time can prevent unneeded disappointment or standing in line only to find out not everyone in your family can go for the ride. Family outings should be as stress-free as possible. Choosing to visit an amusement park and planning ahead can make that entirely possible.

A lot of parks have amenities available for families that you can learn about through their website before your trip. For example, many parks now offer family bathrooms, nursing areas, strollers, cooling or misting tents and more. There may also be crafts or activities specifically for young children that you can participate in while there. Knowing what is available ahead of time will make your trip easier and happier.

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