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Photo Booths Are Making a Comeback


The world of photography has gone from a niche market that very few people were proficient at to everyone having a professional grade camera in their pocket at all times. The introduction of smartphones like iPhones has changed the photography game forever. One aspect of photography that hasn’t changed, however, is photo booths. Do you remember those things you would find in your local mall? The ones you would take wacky photos in with your friends? Well, they’re making a comeback.

Owning a photo booth has suddenly become a profitable business with a lot of upsides. Events like weddings, parties, graduations all have become photo booth hotbeds where people want to take a memory and put a zany stamp on it. Photo Booths have also made their way into the professional world. An experiential marketing event has become a perfect place to use a photo booth, with everyone attending using the machines to interact with the business.

Now here comes another question. Why should you buy a photo booth? Even if you wanted one, they’re huge and difficult to move around. The booth you’re thinking about has become a thing of the past. In today’s world, the portable photo booth has become a norm. An affordable option that works well for small events would be an iPad photo booth. It takes very little work to set up this kind of booth.

If you are in the market for a photo booth, you still may be asking yourself, where do I buy a photo booth? You can easily google “photo booth machines for sale” and go from there. As niche as it may seem, photo booth companies are located all over the United States and somewhere out there is the perfect machine for you. If you’re looking to rent, there are options out there for you as well. Check your local listings and find a local rental company.

So again, as crazy as it may seem, photo booths have become a profitable business. People love feeling nostalgic, look at the increase of Polaroid cameras in recent years. Sometimes it’s good to look at the past as a way to move into the future. You can now count photo booths as an example of that.

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