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Does Escape Rooms Improve Our Focus?


Escape rooms are the newest craze people are flocking towards, from the sheer excitement of participating to the bewilderment it brings to most when figuring ways to escape—it certainly has a knack for bringing people together. Adventure combined with team-planning and problem-solving are all critical components to what makes an escape room and how to beat escape rooms. The variety of situations an escape room can be conducted in is what sets the atmosphere for such a game—finding creative solutions to unveil the secret plot.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are considered a physical adventure games, where people participate in solving various puzzles and riddles using certain clues and hints throughout the room to strategize the objectives that must be completed before unlocking the secret plot within the rooms. There is a set time limit provided to players to solve the scenario that often includes elements of fictional locations and situations which players can become entrapped in, like video games that focus on escaping a certain room.

How Do You Beat Escape Rooms?

The primary focus of an escape room is its difficult level—winning an escape room is no easy feat, meaning if someone can figure out its intent, they’re considered a master of the game. An escape room is typically supposed to include a specific theme of puzzles: hidden, objects, lights, apparent objects, counting, atypical usage of an item, assembling an object, riddles, and mathematical patterns. These puzzles act as a catalyst throughout the game to figure out certain clues and hints provides as the game progresses—applying puzzles is critical if one wants to figure out how to win an escape room.

How Are Escape Rooms Beneficial?

Escape rooms are an excellent exercise for team building and communication, which most people tend to lack both in personal and workplace relationships. There are recent studies that show companies with engaged employees earn almost 2.5 times than competitors who have statistically low engagement levels, and most of the U.S workplace tends to follow this pattern that leads to unproductive actions during the work week. Escape rooms have proven to be significantly helpful for making better employees through building listening, and interpersonal skills—when team building is conducted properly people can foster solid friendships at work and these friendships can increase an employee’s engagement level nearly 50% than if they stayed to themselves. When participating in an escape room, it’s required to rely upon and trust your group’s judgment to figure out a solution collectively. Similarly—trust is a huge component to effectively, engaged employees and nonchalant, distant employees. Studies have proven an essential aspect between office supervisors, managers, and employees are building trust, a Gallup study showed that an engaged leadership could boost employee’s engagement by almost 39%. If you’re looking for a team building exercise for your next company outing, an escape room might be your best route.

Why Are Escape Rooms Popular Outings?

Nearly everyone loves a challenges game that’ll momentarily remove from their ordinary day, but include people? And you’ve got a game that could keep people locked in for hours—literally! There are also escape rooms that encompass different themes that make them different from the rest, one of the shortest escape games in the word is called “the evidence of evil.” The evidence of evil consists of a five-minute mobile escape room, that is only open during Halloween in Southington, Connecticut. The other cool escape room, Paradox Project, is based in Athens, Greece and is the longest escape game in the world with participants spending an upwards of three hours immersed in an entire house. However, some of the best escape rooms can be found in the U.S! Particularly, Florida where escape rooms are an intricate part of their fun—Escape room Largo, escape room St Petersburg, and escape St Pete. Escape St Pete is a majorly fun escape room that hosts events for all ages, such as birthday parties, family outings, date night, and even company outings. Escape St Pete is one of the best escape rooms in Florida, because of their versatile themes for escape rooms, that makes for endless hours of fun. Looking to book a fun event in Florida? Look no further than escape St Pete.

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