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Parties Aren’t Complete Without Fun, Colorful Balloons Five Tips To Help You Design A Timeless Memory


Throwing a party should be just as fun as the party itself. When you’re tired and busy, though…it can be an exhausting chore.

With a box of balloons on your side you can finally give yourself a break while still outfitting the event with the joy it deserves. Balloons are perhaps the most iconic staple of the party in the West, beloved for their bright colors and flexible designs. Throwing a birthday party for young children? Tie up some balloon animals for them to take home. If this is a Valentine’s Day or anniversary endeavor, however, silver balloons might prove a superior option.

You name it, there’s a balloon for it. Wipe that sweat off your brow and read below for five fun, easy ways to breathe life into your party.

Tie Up Some Balloon Animals And Decorate Them With Sharpie Or Glitter

Easily the most popular project is the balloon animal, cute and fun with just a few twists! Common animals include the Dachshund, giraffe, elephant, snake, and cat, though you can easily create more unconventional ones after a little practice. The fun doesn’t end there, however. Outfit your colorful animals with sharpie faces or bodies covered in glitter. Children will have a blast and your party will feel just that much more special.

Use Heart Shaped Latex Balloons To Show Someone You Love Them

Show someone you care with a balloon made specifically for them. The heart shaped latex balloon is not just lovely for a significant other or family member, but a perfect compliment to today’s strained environment. Latex balloons are actually quite eco-friendly — rubber trees grow in rain forests, with latex harvesting actively discouraging deforestation. A single latex tree can produce products for nearly 40 years! There’s nothing like a little eco-friendliness to show your best side.

Foil Balloons Are Great For Catching The Eye During A Special Day

Create a little shine by investing in foil balloons that catch the light. These popular varieties were first made for the New York City Ballet back in the 1970’s, soon spreading across the country in stores and party outlets. These are most commonly seen during anniversaries, New Years’ parties, and birthdays, though you can just as easily use them for any other event. Due to their firm make they also take well to stickers and light painting. What sort of foil balloons will you try out this year?

Create Balloon Arches, Wreathes, And Banners With A Little Creativity

Balloons don’t have to be filled with helium to be enjoyable. In fact, helium only lasts for a day or two, while air filled balloons will go for two weeks at a time. Get experimental with your next party and create archways or wreathes made out of balloons. Due to their flexible ties they can easily be bunched together to create all sorts of artistic decadence. Keep them away from sharp corners and make sure not to blow them up too much so they can last!

Order Balloons Online From A Wholesale Balloon Supplier

When you’ve got several parties to attend to and only so much time in the day, a simple purchase can make all the difference. Wholesale balloons suppliers are able to provide you with a box of varied balloon sets to help you save time. Pair these with markers, paint, or ribbons laying around the house for a truly lovely end result! Latex balloons today are most commonly at 10 to 30 centimeters in diameter. Larger ones can be found, but need quite a bit of air to reach their full size.

Have fun throwing your party. Let a wholesale foil balloons supplier give you the tools you need to create a timeless memory.

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