7 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Spring


Spring is in the air. Time to shake off the winter blues, do some cleaning and organizing, and make improvements on your home.

Spring is a great time to think about home improvement projects. Not only is the weather improving, but you also may find that your home sustained some damage from harsh winter storms. This is a great opportunity to see what needs fixing, as well as what you could improve.

Not all spring projects need to be repairs. You can upgrade your outdoor furniture or remodel your bathroom just to improve the general feel of your home.

If you are getting excited for spring, try out some of these 7 home improvement projects to tackle this spring.

1. Clean Your Roof

Roofs can take a beating during winter. Snow, sleet and cold temperatures can really do a number of the integrity of your roof. Not to mention all that beautiful fall foliage that might still be trapped in gutters or on the roof itself.

This can all lead to a situation where your roof has a whole lot of junk on it. It’s a good idea to clean off your roof in spring. You can do this yourself or employ the help of roofing services contractors who can clean up your roof for you.

On top of just cleaning off the roof, you should be on the lookout for cracked or missing shingles. Also try to make note of any shingles that have moved or shifted since the last time you checked. These could be signs of a more serious problem.

No matter how well you maintain your roof, it will eventually need to be replaced. You can prolong the life of your roof by carefully maintaining and cleaning it.

When it comes to replacing your roof, you may find you need to make a hefty investment to get a new roof. The good news is that the roof is one of the best investments you can make in your home. A roof has about a 65% return on investment, depending on the type of roof you get. It can also help increase the value of your home.

2. Check Other Outdoor Areas

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The roof is not the only outdoor area you need to check up on after the long cold months of winter. There are lots of areas outside your home that have potentially taken a beating due to winter weather. Don’t neglect these when you’re making your rounds in spring.

Check exterior doors and walls to see if a fresh coat of paint is necessary. Even if it is not absolutely required, you may find you want a fresh look this spring. New paint for the door can last 10 years and give your home a sudden, fresh burst of color, improving the overall look of the home. A quick repaint can even help extend the life of your siding and trims, so there’s a practical as well as an aesthetic reason for this upgrade.

You may also need to do some lawn care and landscaping during spring. This is a great opportunity to not just cut tall grass and do maintenance, but also make some improvements in your landscape design. Spring is the perfect time to think about new plants you want to incorporate into your landscaping. This could be the year you try something new with your landscaping and discover a new passion in the process.

Landscaping isn’t just about grass and plants, though. It’s also about all the accessories. You could incorporate statues, furniture and other decorations alongside your other lawn improvements. You might even install some high-end landscape lighting to highlight all that hard work you’re doing.

3. Don’t Forget The Doors

The doors are the go-between separating you from the outside world. When you’re making your spring improvements, spare a thought for these crucial barriers.

While working on landscaping and other outdoor projects, take some time to look at the doors in your home, especially the back door. You might find that they need a little repair work or a fresh coat of paint. You could even consider a larger project such as installing a glass door system.

Glass doors are great for some sorts of homes. A glass door allows you to see outside without having to go outside. You can let in more light with a glass door and enjoy all that landscaping work you did even while you’re inside.

Glass doors are especially nice if you have a backyard or patio area that sees frequent use. They make going between the backyard and the inside of the home less cumbersome. If you tend to host barbecues and other gatherings in summer and spring, you might want to consider replacing your doors with glass doors this spring.

If you have a deck, this is a good time to scrub and stain it. You should check your deck for damage after the cold weather season passes. All that rain and snow and bad weather could leave boards warped or loose. After clearing away leaves, consider some fresh stain to brighten up a fading deck.

Lastly, check your outside furniture pieces, especially if you have handmade outdoor furniture. These can suffer a lot of damage during winter, especially if you live in the type of place that gets a wet or snowy winter.

Furniture can be a great opportunity for a home improvement project or general upgrade as well. If you’ve been using the same old furniture for years, think about some new outdoor furniture. It can freshen up your outdoor spaces and make them a more comfortable place for people to enjoy the nice spring weather.

New furniture for outside can be as simple as a couple of chairs or as extensive as a full patio set and grill. Think about how your outdoor spaces are used most often and customize your furniture to those uses. You don’t want to have furniture that is simply nice to look at. Especially outside, it also needs to be functional.

4. Look At Your Windows

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Don’t overlook your windows. They do their share of hard work during winter.

You might have noticed a bit of draftiness during winter. If you put it off during the cold months, spring is the time to seal up those drafts and gaps. Just because the weather is going to improve doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seal up your windows. It’s still good to avoid gaps and drafty windows.

You should also check all the screens in your windows. They can get damaged in winter without you even noticing. In spring, when you want to open your windows for some fresh air, you may notice those holes in the screens.

Fix or replace any screens that are damaged. They are actually pretty simple to repair yourself, making them a great home improvement project for spring.

Even in spring, drafty windows can cost you money in your energy bill. You might also suffer water damage when spring rains arrive. So make sure you patch up any holes.

You also may need to simply clean the glass of the windows. Snow is not as pristine as it looks on the surface. A good scrubbing could be in order after those windows have gone neglected all winter long.

5. Remodel Your Kitchen

OK, you don’t actually need to do a full remodel, but you should reconsider your kitchen this spring. About a third of homeowners said their lifestyles became healthier after they remodeled their kitchens, according to Houzz. So overhauling your kitchen isn’t simply a vanity choice. It can have a practical impact on you and your family’s lives.

And make sure you’re thinking about all your kitchens. If you have an outdoor kitchen as well as an indoor one, you should consider upgrades for that space as well.

One of the simplest improvements you can make to the kitchen is the cabinets. Even replacing the knobs can give your kitchen a fresh look without costing you much. This can elevate your entire kitchen, and it’s relatively simple to do yourself.

Other kitchen projects you might consider are things like getting new appliances, changing the floor and upgrading or adding a kitchen island. All of these can make the space more inviting and comfortable for years to come.

6. Remodel Or Finish Your Basement

Cold weather can make you steer clear of your basement all winter. In spring, you should take a second to inspect it.

Water can seep into basements and cause damage. Take a quick look around for signs of leaks that might have happened during winter.

Spring might be the right time to turn your basement into so much more than just a storage space. A basement remodel can transform your basement into a livable and comfortable place to relax or entertain.

The height of your basement might limit some of your remodeling options. Talk to a contractor if you aren’t sure. However, if you already have made some improvements to this space, you can simply continue. Think about features and furniture that could improve your basement even more.

First, think about lighting. Basements can be dark, even in the middle of the day. Installing better lighting or larger windows can make your basement feel a lot more welcoming. Better lighting could also make your basement feel larger and less cramped.

Think about how you want to use this space. If it’s meant to be fun and welcoming, opt for comfortable furniture and rugs or carpeting to warm up the basement. Adding games, a pool table or a television could also help make the space more welcoming.

If your basement doesn’t require repairs and you’re just going for the fun factor, think outside the box. Sometimes you can find old arcade machines that can add a quirky touch to your basement that is also fun and functional.

You should also consider heating. Basements have little trouble staying cool, even in hot summer months, but heating can be an issue. Something like a residential oval duct can help with heating a basement, as these ducts prevent air from leaking out. Residential oval ducts have a clean look that is good for basements, though they can cost more than conventional heating ducts.

7. Remodel Your Bathroom

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Finally, make sure your bathrooms are on your checklist of spring home improvement projects.

Bathroom remodeling can be a small fix or a massive project, so choose your approach carefully. Make sure you have a clear plan and goals in mind before you start.

If you are on a tighter budget, you could improve your bathrooms simply by investing in some new hand towels or shower curtains. These can liven up a room you may have neglected for quite a while. This simple change can actually result in a huge improvement.

If you are going for a major overhaul, start by setting out a plan and figuring out your budget. You will need to know things like the type of faucets you have and the amount of square footage in the room. You will also need to be aware of any limitations that may arise from plumbing, electricity or building codes.

If you’re ready to take on this task yourself, start with demolition. Ensure first that everything in the bathroom is off, from toilets to electricity.

You may also need to understand how to contend with the plumbing if you are remodeling your bathroom. See if you’ll need water line extensions or any other changes to your plumbing before you start installing new appliances and things.

And if all this is sounding overwhelming, you could always go for a nice fresh coat of paint. Brighten up the walls and give your bathroom a fresh look simply by laying down a new coat of paint.

Don’t Be Afraid To Dive In

No matter what your goals are for your spring home improvements, don’t be afraid to dive in and get your hands dirty. Maybe you already have a green thumb and are excited to plant a brand new garden this spring. Or perhaps a certain shade of paint has caught your eye. Don’t be afraid to try some new colors this spring!

Your spring fixes on your home don’t need to be a boring routine. You can also try out some new approaches and breathe new life into several rooms of your home.

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