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Four Benefits Of Choosing An Outdoor Venue For Your Wedding


Are you and your fiancé excited to get married? Are you trying to plan the perfect wedding? Do you find yourself spending hours scouring the Internet and thumbing through pages and pages of wedding magazines looking for all the best ideas?

If you feel like the two of you have spent hours and hours looking but not getting anywhere, you might want to consider having an outdoor wedding. According to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study, the most popular month to get married was June (15%) followed by October (14%). Believe it or not, those are two of the best times of the year to get married: the weather is nice and it’s right in the middle of what are generally two nice periods of weather.

But why have an outdoor wedding? Aren’t “traditional” weddings supposed to have ceremonies in the church followed by receptions in banquet halls or local VFWs? Many weddings still follow what’s considered a “traditional” formula, but these days couples can do just about anything. After all, you want the big day to be special.

So why have an outdoor wedding? To get the following benefits:

  • The scenery: Whether you get married on top of a mountain or on a lake or in the middle of the country, it’s certainly hard to beat the outdoor view. Getting married at a lake or at a scenic outdoor locale provides the perfect backdrop to a special day. It will make for great wedding photos and impress your guests.
    You can choose to rent a tent and rent all your wedding chairs, wedding tables, décor and lighting to go inside it for the perfect reception venue. Your outdoor location is going to make for the perfect wedding decoration and might even cost you less to put together. For wedding tent rentals, it’s best to talk to a rental company about your needs to get an idea of what they cost.
  • Extra space: If you need extra space to lay out your perfect wedding, having an outdoor wedding or wedding reception will ensure you have plenty of it. You can rent a tent of just about any size and shape, so if you have a large guest you won’t have to worry about cramming everything and everyone into a tiny indoor venue. An outdoor venue with lots of space with really give your guests a chance to mingle and you can spread things out in wedding tents such as catering, the table for the wedding cake and guest tables.
  • A personal touch: An outdoor wedding venue is essentially a clean slate, allowing you to do whatever you and your fiancé want to do. This gives you both the chance to put your stamps on your wedding with personal touches that are meaningful. You can rent a tent to keep everyone and everything sheltered and then add personal touches such as meaningful décor and flowers and centerpieces. This is a great thing if you’re doing a DIY wedding; you’ve got plenty of room to work and to really personalize the space so that it’s memorable for you and your guests.
  • A chance to relax: Another benefit of outdoor wedding venues is that they make for a more casual atmosphere and feel than you might find with a church wedding and reception. That doesn’t mean guests are free to wear T-shirts and jeans, but being outdoors allows them to relax in clothing that’s a bit more comfortable. This will give you and your fiancé a chance to relax as well (as you should on a wedding day).

Bottom line: the sky is the limit with outdoor wedding venues. They give happy couples a chance to personalize their wedding space—especially if you rent a tent–and really create something that’s meaningful and fun instead of something more formal and sterilized. It also keeps guests comfortable and c’mon, you can’t beat an outdoor wedding on a bright, sunny day with a light breeze. Wedding days are all about fun and celebrating with friends and family. Against a beautiful backdrop with an outdoor tent setup, happy couples will be able to just that.

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