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Five Great Housewarming Basket Filler Ideas They’ll Love


Whether you’re welcoming new neighbors onto the block or friends have just landed the home of their dreams, finding the right housewarming gift can be a challenge. You want to give them a meaningful gift that won’t get lost in the shuffle of moving and settling into their new home, but you want something a little cheeky, too, to give them a moment of humor and relaxation in the midst of a very busy time in their lives.

Gift baskets are a great idea when it comes to creating the perfect housewarming gift, but finding the right basket filler ideas can be a challenge as well. That’s why we’ve got five small gift ideas to fill that basket with goodies, tiny gifts, and a bounty of other fabulous presents to personalize your housewarming basket into a unique and much appreciated gift they’ll love.

Start with the Smallest Vacuum Ever

Who wouldn’t laugh over a tiny vacuum? These mini vacuums aren’t only great conversation pieces – they’re handy for tiny spills as well. As one of the great basket filler ideas, a mini vacuum will be a humorous piece for your friends to laugh at and play with for years to come, as well as a handy little tool used to clean up desk crumbs or a paperclip spill.

Follow Up with Miniaturized Horseshoes

Not only are mini horseshoes ridiculously cute, but they’re a fun and silly way to spend some time. A tiny set of horseshoes is a great accessory for a desk, for those moments when your friends need a break from paperwork or phone calls. Or these charming little horseshoes can be displayed on a coffee table or shelf for great conversation starters.

Mini Paint Sets are Cute and Stress-Relieving

Approximately 25 percent of Americans will wait until the last minute to buy gifts. If you find yourself in this grouping all too often, pick up a mini paint kit as one of your basket filler ideas. Not only will a mini paint kit help you de-stress from putting together a great gift, but the set will help your friends and new neighbors to unwind after a long day of unpacking.

Encourage Zen with a Garden

What housewarming gift basket is complete without a desktop zen garden? The little gardens are great excuses to take a break and just chill out for a few moments, allowing your friends to recharge and unwind in the midst of a stressful, hectic time of their lives.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Margaritas

What better way to encourage your new neighbors to unwind and get a few laughs in than with a set of tiny margarita glasses? These petite glasses may not hold much of a margarita, but their cute size will surely be the center of attention in your housewarming gift basket. Pair it with a margarita mix for a fun, silly, and wholly entertaining gift your friends will surely enjoy.

Creating a thoughtful gift basket is easier than you may think it is. All it takes is the right miniaturized gifts to create a basket full of laughs and fun activities that will help brighten the receiver’s day.

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