Flight Attendants Tape Violent Passenger to Chair


There a thousands or airplane flights that take off and land each day. Nearly all of them go smoothly with no hitches whatsoever. However, occasionally you get a bad egg. That was the case with one recent flight. In this video, you will see how one unruly passenger caused quite the commotion.

Video Source

The flight likely started like any other flight. However, things quickly escalated once in the air. A young man started inappropriately touching the flight attendants. When confronted, the man turned violent and started punching a male flight attendant. With some quick thinking, they were able to grab some duct tape and tape the man down to his seat. This way, the flight attendants and other passengers would be safe until they could land. They even had to duct tape the man’s mouth as he was yelling obscenities the whole time. One can only imagine what was going through this man’s head. While the reason for this behavior is currently unknown, it seems likely that this man was under the influence in one way or another. This man may have found that he needed to contact bail bondsmen services at first. However, the judge decided that he needs to spend 60 days in jail.


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