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Finding a Career as a Photographer Three Industries to Consider


Photography post production

The art of photography has been around since the mid-1800s. The first photographs were truly remarkable, allowing a moment to be imprinted and captured. Since the early days of photography we have since developed newer technologies and methods that allow us to better capture, manipulate, and develop the perfect photo. Here are three modern businesses that need photography and professional photo editing to survive the next millennium.


The internet has forever changed the very way we interact as a species, especially with our wallets. Everything from televisions to bars of soap is sold on the internet, catering to our consumer needs. In order to sell the products however, photographers must make sure the product is depicted in perfect condition, utilizing proper lighting, color, and tone to trigger something in the consumer. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is often used in business, marketing, and advertising purposes as it better balances out shadows and highlights. Photographers that are able to best utilize this are able to participate in a $149 billion annual business.

Real Estate

The internet has likewise changed the real estate industry as nearly 90% of all home buyers will use the internet to research homes and view photos. The competition between home sellers has never been more intense as homeowners invest thousands into home improvement projects to increase the appeal of their home in order to get the views necessary to sell the home. A professional photographer can be an invaluable tool for home sellers. Utilizing lighting and aesthetic principles, photographers can bring the best out of any space with ease. While a few projects may be necessary in the long run, a professional photographer can help home sellers save thousands during the home staging process.

Event Photography

Many photographers take their talents and start their own business as an event photographer for weddings, graduations, senior pictures, and other parties. A good photographer will draw their own customers by word of mouth, but it does take experience and practice. Many photographers edit their photos using Photoshop or a similar image editing software. There are even talented photographers who exclusively operate professional Photoshop services and found success on the web.

Why Its Time to Become a Photographer

Photography is an expression of modern art, and it so happens that being a modern artist pays relatively well. There are around 41.44 million photographers in the United States that make around $18 per hour on average. Recent estimates suggest that employment for photographers is projected to grow over the next few years at around 3% between 2014 and 2024. Photographers that distinguish themselves by offering professional photo editing services can guarantee additional work. Those with natural talent and passion can make a genuine career out of their love for photography, consider courses in your area to learn professional photo editing and photography principles.
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