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Are You Planning a Holiday Engagement Announcement?


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The recent college graduate was beside himself. Even though he nearly had every single detail in place he was still a bundle of nerves. Following the tradition of the last three Christmas celebrations, he and his girlfriend would be spending the holiday together. With the help of both sets of parents, the graduate who had landed a great job immediately after graduation had some big plans for this holiday. They would start Christmas morning at his parents house where the big gift he had planned for his girlfriend was a box that cleverly announced a trip to the beaches of Costa Rica. This trip had always been a dream, and he knew that the love of his life think that it was a perfect way to celebrate the recent graduation and new job. He would be happy to let her think that the beach vacation would be a way to escape the cold weather this winter.
Later on Christmas Day, they would attend her family’s Christmas gift opening events. Under that tree he would have biggest surprise. The gorgeous engagement ring! They had done enough dream shopping so that it was easy to pick out a style that he knew she would love. The Puerto Rico trip was actually a honeymoon trip that he had planned as well. Just as the special present was going to be opened, his parents would “accidentally” show up for dinner a little early. It was going to be a Christmas to remember, that was for sure. He realized that the rest of the night would likely be a discussion of ceremony and reception plans, but he could patiently sit through the discussions of renting wedding chairs and wedding tables if he could really pull this big surprise off without a hitch!
What is the Best Christmas Present You’ve Received?
You may have never received a gift under the tree as exciting as an engagement ring, but you can likely relate to the joy of couples around the country who will be announcing and making wedding plans this holiday season. And while the fun of the presentation of the ring can be thrilling, you may also be able to relate to the amount of time it takes to organize the excruciating details of guest lists, wedding chairs, backyard party tents, and other details. In fact, for all of the fun of the engagement announcement and the wedding itself, the planning in between can test the nerves of even the most in love couples.
Having one person on the planning team that loves the details is essential. Some times it is the bride herself, sometimes it is the groom, sometimes the mother of the bride, but the point is that someone needs to care a lot about the color of the covers of the wedding chairs and the centerpieces if you want to be able to have a beautiful ceremony. From wedding tent rentals to figuring out the seating charts for the reception, it might be a good thing to have a relaxing week at the beaches of Puerto Rico to look forward to!
Wedding Plans Should Include Details from Wedding Chairs to Menu Choices for the Reception
did you know that the average number of wedding guests is 136? This statistic provided by the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study indicates that for many couples who are planning their celebration it is better to start too early rather than too late. The process of reserving the wedding and reception site, for instance, can mean that the dates have to be reserved months in advance, and many of the details like food choices and rental needs require careful consideration. For instance, even the decision to buy or rent a tent for an outdoor reception has many variables. If, for example, the families of the bride or groom think that a tent will be used for only three or four times each year, it probably makes better sense to rent, rather than buy, the tent.
Do you have a big announcement planned for this year’s Christmas gathering? If you think that it has taken a lot of time to plan the details around popping the question, hold on, the bigger plans are still to come!

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