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5 Tips for a Wedding Dance


Dance lessons tampa

The first historical evidence of ancient dance traditions came in the form of art in Indian caves, and it is believed to have originated 9,000 years ago. Dance has always been an important part of the culture of society, no matter what group of people it is, there are usually well defined dances that reflect values and moral beliefs. In the 17th century, ballroom dancing was established when Louis XIV founded the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse. This was the first formal dance academy and created specific rules for serious ballroom dancing lessons.

Today, dance is an integral part of life in the United States. Dance classes for kids and adults are a great way to provide anyone with a new social opportunity and a chance to make new friends, while getting exercise at the dance studio in the process. One of the most important ways that this long lived practice is incorporated into society today is in wedding dances.

Even though it’s one of the most exciting ways to represent a new union with a romantic partner, a wedding dance can be incredibly stressful to prepare for, especially for people who feel they don’t have a natural rhythm. Some people might not feel comfortable performing a dance in public, and for anyone who feels shaky on whether this is for them, here are a few tips on how to carefully prepare for a memorable and flawless wedding dance.

    1. Don’t wait until the last minute
    This is a common mistake with preparing for a special dance at a wedding, because people often don’t realize how difficult it is to master a unique dance. Don’t be intimidated, because anyone can perform a beautiful wedding dance if they are motivated to do well, but it requires substantial preparation and you shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

    2. Choose a dance you’re interested in
    Lots of people go with a traditional ballroom dance, which is a great option if you are attracted to this style and you are passionate and committed to learning the moves. If you’re not so excited by ballroom dancing, you might want to consider something that piques your interest, like jazz or even a pop song that will be great for you to shake out some modern moves.

    3. Practice every day
    No matter what you are learning, it takes constant and consistent preparation to learn the best techniques. If you are planning on practicing once a month or week, you won’t have good results. The best dances at weddings, and the ones that are the biggest hits with guests, take significant preparation for months before the big day.

    4. Perform in front of a crowd
    Lots of people have stage fright, which is totally normal and shouldn’t prevent anyone from performing a fantastic and well rehearsed dance in front of friends and family on the big day. If you know you or your soon-to-be spouse suffer from serious fear of performing public routines, the best way to deal with it is by practicing. You can join a group dancing class that will force you to get comfortable dancing with other people around.

    5. Get a professional instructor
    This is important because you can’t teach yourself dance — it takes many years to carefully perfect this ancient art. Get a professional for personalized instruction, and you’re sure to have a great dance at your wedding! Links like this.

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