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What’s Your Reason for Learning to Dance?


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What’s your reason for learning to dance? Have you always wanted to learn the tango or foxtrot? Or to waltz your graceful way around a ballroom floor? Is your best friend or sister getting married? There are all kinds of reasons to take dance classes: it’s a fun, social activity, and it’s also one of the best kinds of aerobic exercise. With beginner dance programs for people with two left feet, there’s no reason not to learn.

Dancing is fun
Have you watched the dancers on TV and wished you could be like them? Well, it’s easy to start. One foot forward, then another, and another and hey! You’re dancing! The best thing about dance classes is that you don’t have to be a polished performer to start, and in beginner dance programs, everyone will be as new to it as you are.
No matter what kind of dance you pick, ballroom dancing or cha cha, you’ll discover very quickly that it’s fun. Plus there’s a feeling of achievement when you learn about balance and control. That’s the reason why ballroom dance lessons are becoming so popular. In fact, USA Dance, a nonprofit, found that the number of people learning ballroom dancing and going to ballroom dance events has increased by 35% over the past decade.

Dancing is the best aerobic exercise
Dance training is one of the best ways to get fit and in shape. And it’s certainly the most fun. We all know that neither adults nor children get the exercise they need nowadays. In fact less than 5% of all adults get the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and just one person out of three reaches recommended level of physical activity for the week.
Dancing is a fun way to lose the extra pounds and get into shape. Dancing burns an average of around 240 calories an hour for a person who weighs 150 pounds. And it’s a lot more fun than working out on boring, repetitious machines.

I’d rather be dancing
When a group of people were asked to choose between a mindfulness meditation class or tango dancing, 97% chose the tango class. Which would you choose? With so many beginner dance programs, it’s easy to find the kind you like best.
There are many different kinds of dance programs for beginners, and you can pick ballroom dancing, like the graceful waltz, or more energetic rock n roll versions like the jive and the Lindy Hop. Whichever style you pick, you’re sure to have loads of fun.

Even if you’re no longer young enough to dance the night away, you can have a lot of fun dancing. In fact, some of the older people will surprise with their graceful moves. After all, they’ve been dancing for a long time.
If you’re always wanted to learn to dance but kept putting it off, you’ve finally run out of excuses. In fact January is the perfect time to sign up for a beginner dance program. You’ll work off the holiday overindulgence and dance away the winter blues.

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