Tornado Tears Farm Apart and Sends Animals Running


Tornadoes can have winds well over 100 miles per hour. These winds swirl in a cyclonic motion which cause a ripping and shearing motion. This is why tornadoes can rip building apart so easily. In this video, you will see a tornado rip a farm apart, sending the animals running for their lives.

The video starts with the cameraman zooming into this massive tornado. It is an EF4 tornado. This is evident by the ferocity of the winds.

Video Source

Even from a distance away, you can see how quickly the funnel is spinning. The roar of this tornado is also exceptionally loud. It has been said that tornadoes sound like a loud freight train.

The twister moves in on the farm. You can see some cows in a nearby field scrambling to get out of the way. As the tornado approaches the farm, it shreds a barn and throws the debris hundreds of feet into the air. similarly, you can see a roof go flying into the air. They are going to at least a commercial roofing contractor after this.


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