Tips for Male Figure Painting


Some people are wonderful storytellers, writers, poets, and artists. Popular artist Douglas Simonson turns out one great painting after another. The video highlights one of his more recent pieces — male figure painting.

The painting he named, “Fabian Bathing” uses a male model for a photo shoot.

Video Source

Here are some tips that artist Simonson shares to help beginners find the way to their creative sides:

After choosing the photo, he tweaks it, focusing on key colors and shapes. He uses the tweaked photo to copy the image onto his canvas. Simonson then mixes the first four or five colors he plans to use. Since he uses acrylic paint, which dries quickly, he only mixes the first group of colors.

He tests the colors he chose to make sure they work on the canvas as they look different on the palette than on the canvas. He then uses bold strokes to create the outline of the body and adds more detail to the background and the main focus of the picture.

Simonson stresses that art should be fun — even a novice can turn out beautiful works of art.

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