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The Fun In Playing The 1000 pc puzzle


The Fun In Playing The 1000 pc puzzle

The era of the internet, youtube, twitter, and online gaming has indeed been a transformative one. However, the downside of such technological innovation is the more addictive nature of our obsessive desire to click onto the next youtube video, check out the latest tweet, or long onto our facebook page has become some what of a crotch for our brains. Can anyone with complete honesty actually recall the last time they decided to truly exercise their brain and play 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle, or even 500 piece jigsaw puzzle? Chances are the answer to that question has already been given the moment the first person you ask it to looks to their iPhone to look at their latest tweet. It’s sad knowing that as self-conscious creatures, we once prided ourselves in the many ways we could mentally challenge ourselves through the innovative use of difficult puzzles. Even playing an easy puzzle demonstrated that very intellectual curiosity we can’t deny doesn’t start in the earliest moments of childhood. After all, it’s no laughing matter when if our brains makes the most possible connections in the cells before we even turn 10.

The 1000 pc puzzle: The Solution to Our Tech Addicted Culture

Still, despite a majority of our young culture being nulled through the simpler use of addictive tech, comes the potential solution of the 1000 pc puzzle. A 1000 pc puzzle is very much like any of the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles you’ve played. The difference lies in that it allows for a greater exploration of the very creativity we’ve also lost within our culture. It’s not simply a puzzle we take piece by piece and put together, but prior to that, it’s basically a work of our design. If scientific research demonstrates that puzzles are capable of activating our brains and making us relax on a psychological level that essentially puts our brains into a more meditative state, then imagine that same innovation for us in that we can actually arrange for it to happen to us, rather than someone else.

The great thing about the 1000 pc puzzle, or serious puzzle as it has been called, is that much like many of the moderately difficult puzzles out there, it allows us to explore what picture we’d like to put together. It’s like an opportunity in crafting your own work and then giving yourself the chance to put it back together. The effort it would take to do that would no doubt be challenging without a doubt. However, for anyone with the fire of creativity racing through them, it’s really that of an artists gold mine ready to be harvested. Now family games can be fun, but the 1000 pc puzzle is an opportunity for anyone to challenge themselves both intellectually and creatively. Our culture needs puzzles because they allow for more dopamine production, which takes place when doing them.

In Conclusion

If you’re thinking of checking out the next youtube video or the next tweet on your phone, then think, just think and then the brain will become more active. It’s no light matter in knowing that movement of the brain promotes a more active body. By playing a 1000 pc puzzle, you’ll be able to live. a much healthier and intellectually stimulating lifestyle. Youtube can be fun as much as checking out some occasional facebook posts. But all that essentially does is weaken your capacity to think higher or to even reach for higher limits. The dissection of a square is the oldest known puzzle, and that was around in the year 250 b.c., the same time archimedes was around. Back then, we challenged ourselves. Let’s not live in a time where we have to fight for even a challenge as simple as crossword puzzle.

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