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The Benefits of Learning to Dance


Many forms of art are universal around the world, even if their exact details vary. These include oral traditions, poetry, singing, and dance, among others. Dancing is an act that can be done for entertainment, to impress others, or even hold religious significance. Often, it is pre-industrial cultures past and present that perform dances for religious reasons, and in most of the developed world today, dancing is done for healthy exercise and entertaining oneself and others to music. Some dances, such as the Flamenco, are done solo, but many other dances are partner-based. Anyone can take ballroom dance classes or learn how to dance the tango or salsa at specialized dance lessons, and this can be great fun. That, and some formal occasions call for dancing, such as a senior high school prom. Other events, such as a countryside festival in the United States, might involve the likes of square dancing. Anyone looking to take some dance classes might look up the type the need in their area, such as searching “ballroom dance classes in Dedham MA”. Looking for “ballroom dance classes in Dedham MA” or in Boston may be a fine way to practice dancing before a wedding, for example.

Why Try Dance Classes

There are good reasons to learn how to dance properly. After all, many people in one’s social group may be impressed by refined dance technique and know-how, and dancing is also a fine form of cardio. In fact, given how fun dancing can be, with its movements and the music involved, it may hardly even seem like exercise at all. The USDA has categorized dancing as “moderate activity,” and adults are recommended to get 30 minutes of exercise per day. A short dance session may meet that need just fine, and adolescents may do the same. What is more, the New England Journal of Medicine has noted that out of 11 physical activities they considered, dancing was tied to a lower risk of dementia. This low-impact form of aerobics can boost a dancer’s metabolism, and in half an hour, 200-400 calories may be burned. This can boost heart health and lower the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

That, and dancing can be a fine bonding activity, as most dances are partner-based. Exercise can release chemicals in the brain that may make someone feel good, similar to the “runner’s high.” This makes dancing a fine activity for any date or similar outing for both people involved. It does not take a bride and groom dance to achieve that, either. Put simply, going dancing can make two people feel good about themselves and each other. Finding the right lessons can help with that, and a localized search such as “ballroom dance classes in Dedham MA” can help.

Where To Learn Dancing

A person, or a group of friends, may go looking for dance classes if they have a special occasion coming up that requires dancing, such as a high school senior prom, a festival, or certainly a wedding. Dance classes, for reasons mentioned above, also make for a great date activity, and so a person may look online for local classes, from “salsa dance lessons in Miami FL” to “ballroom dance classes in Dedham” to find something nearby. Dance classes might or might not charge an entry fee, but either way, an instructor will be ready to teach all students certain dance types.

A class might teach ballroom dancing (good for senior proms or formal weddings) or perhaps a dance more suited for a dance club might be taught. Salsa is another popular option, which is a dance originating from Latin America that incorporates elements from many older dance types. Different dances involve different techniques, from salsa to rumba to square dancing to the classic waltz. Some of them may involve certain step patterns, such as waltz’s pre-set steps to a 3/4 time signature. This can help a student learn a new dance type, or simply help them practice a dance under the eye of an instructor who can correct their form or technique. This may impress everyone else on the dance floor of a senior high school prom or a wedding reception.

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