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Simple Guide on How to Frame Your Completed Jigsaw Puzzle


Completing a jigsaw puzzle is one few games that stimulate and satisfy your brain at the same time. It’s a brain game that tests your knowledge and ingenuity, as well as your ability to focus on a particular task. In fact, research shows that puzzles activate our brains while relaxing us psychologically, putting our brains into a meditative state.

But the real satisfaction comes from completing tough puzzles. The game keeps your brain in a happy place. That’s why many people choose to have their completed puzzles framed for display. There a couple of ways you can frame your puzzle. It’s a simple DIY project that you can easily do at home using basic tools, but if you’re unsure about your handy skills, consider going to your local framing store for more professional work.

Whether you have a big jigsaw puzzle-like the 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle or a small one, you’d want to ensure the pieces are glued down first before moving it. Using cardboards, cover the front and backside of the completed jigsaw puzzle to avoid loose pieces from falling when been transported.

If you’ll be doing the framing your puzzle by yourself, experts recommend dry-mounting the puzzle first on a strong foam board before attaching the frame. This will ensure the pieces stick properly. Your local craft store can help choose the right materials for framing a puzzle.

Dry-mounting a puzzle on a local craft shop will cost you anything between $10 to $ 25, depending on the size. Ideally, a big jigsaw puzzle will cost more to frame than a small or medium puzzle. You can decide to do all this at home and cut the cost. Place dry-mount puzzle in the frame and secure using tabs. The next thing is to cover the pieces with a nice transparent glass or plastic to prevent scratches and protect the puzzle from collapsing.

There are special glass covers you can use to protect the puzzle from harmful UV rays thus protecting puzzle colors from fading. A well-framed puzzle will last longer than you can imagine, just like the framed photographs most of our parents displayed around the house for years.

How to Display Your Puzzle

After your puzzle dries completely, go ahead and display it on the wall. There’re two ways to hang a framed puzzled on the wall; using hanging strips or wire hanger. Hanging strips are ideal when it comes to displaying your puzzle on the wall. They are locked in and flexible enough for readjustments, and they don’t need holes for hanging.

Traditional wire hanger, on the other hand, is also ideal for displaying a puzzle but the wire has to be installed first before even dry-mounting the puzzle to a foam board. With hanging strips, you just need to stick the strips on the completed framed puzzle and have it secured on the wall.

Thinking of framing a big jigsaw puzzle? Here are common concerns you need to know

  • Glue is not the only thing you can use to secure the pieces from falling. Another option to try is glue sheets which are essentially made for jigsaw puzzles.
  • Collapsing jigsaw puzzle or curling edges is a common thing especially when the glue has dried. But you can rectify this by turning the pieces on the back and apply a layer of glue, which will help the foam board return flat again after it dries.
  • While you can glue any puzzle size from the 300 to the 2000 piece puzzles, you not advised to glue high-quality finishing puzzles or metallic puzzles; Use glue sheets instead.
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