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Planning a Retirement Party and Gifts to Recognize Your Coworker’s Contributions


Retirement is a major landmark in anyone’s life, and one that should be celebrated by all coworkers. When someone retires after years of service, it’s also a time to appreciate their contributions. If you’re in charge of planning the retirement appreciation for a coworker, it’s your chance to thank them and to wish them well for the future. Typically, a retirement can be marked by a party, a gift and a commemorative engraved retirement plaque that records the years of service.

Planning a retirement party
A retirement is a time of transition, not only for the person who is retiring but also for the office as a whole. A retirement party is a time for the office or workplace as a whole to come together and offer their good wishes to their colleague. Depending on your budget and the way your workplace is set up, this could be a party where anyone could stop by, or a small, special celebratory lunch or dinner for a select few who worked closely with the retiree.
This is also a good time to give the years of service award as well as any crystal gifts or cards you may have for the occasion. Whatever type of celebration you choose, remember to take some pictures and videos, and to share them with all who attended. Keep in mind that unless you know the person and their tastes very well, a surprise party is not a good idea.

Choosing the right retirement gift
Retirement gifts carry messages of appreciation, recognition and of looking forward to the future. The gifts can be personal or impersonal, and help to celebrate a future life of leisure, travel or pursuit of hobbies and causes. The typical retirement age in the U.S. is 63 years, which leaves the retirees plenty of leisure as well as energy to take up all the things they had to put aside during their working lives. Gifts for men and women can vary, though there is also a great of overlap.
Typical gifts for women would include gardening sets, jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, travel kits, technology accessories like chargers and Bluetooth speakers, and cashmere shawls and throws for relaxing at home. Retirement gifts for men could include the classics like cuff links and golf putting sets, as well as technology travel kits, growlers for craft beer, and unique shot glasses. Chocolates, food baskets, handcrafted crystal gifts and throws with personalized monograms are suitable for men and women, celebrating the comforts of home and the chance to enjoy them in peace.

Commemorative engraved retirement plaques will be cherished
There’s a reason why some traditional ideas continue for so long – it’s because they’re good ideas. A commemorative plaque for a retiring coworker is one of those things that never loses its value. Engraved retirement plaques with the person’s name, dates of service and a brief message of appreciation will be treasured for a long time. It may even become a family heirloom as the kids and grandkids grow up and learn to recognize the enormous effort and contribution that they were not aware of earlier.
Engraved retirement plaques can be made of metal or other materials. Sometimes a silver or crystal plaque is specially suited for the individual. Custom crystal plaques can be beautiful additions to the retiree’s home decor. Plaques come in different styles and can be easily personalized. They will be cherished by the retiree for a long time.

Celebrating a coworker’s retirement can be a significant event for the entire office or workplace. Parties, gifts and engraved retirement plaques all help to thank the retiree for their contributions and to wish them well in their future lives.

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