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Looking To Promote Team Building At Work? Try Booking An Escape Room


Since the first escape room opened in Japan in 2007, escape rooms have become all the rage when people are looking for fun things to do.

What is an escape room, you ask? Escape Rooms challenge players to solve puzzles and complete several tasks in order to complete an overall objective to escape the room.

From warding off zombies to escaping a prison to hunting for treasure, there are many different types of escape rooms and many different themes. Escape rooms are challenging and are fun for players of all ages. Almost 40% of Escape Room groups have players older than 21 and families of parents and children make up about 14% of escape room players.

There are currently escape rooms in 75 different countries around the world. In fact, the New York Times reports that the number of escape rooms grew from just 22 in 2014 to 2,000 by 2018.

Not only are escape rooms fun, there are numerous educational and health-related benefits associated with them. If you’re looking for fun things to do, here are eight reasons to gather a group of friends, family or co-workers and find an escape room:

  • They encourage teamwork as it often takes more than one person to complete some of the puzzles.
  • They promote creativity, especially with the time limits put on the rooms.
  • They encourage setting and accomplishing goals since the main idea is getting out of the room.
  • They engage the senses, requiring players to rely on sight, touch and other senses to complete puzzles.
  • Depending on the type of escape room, they allow players to get their daily amount of recommended exercise.
  • They can bring families together. An escape room can be the perfect remedy for pulling kids away from mobile devices and into a family-friendly activity that encourages everyone to participate. About 85% of kids say they have fun with their parents and a Common Sense Media report found that children eight years or younger spend nearly an hour a day on mobile screens.
  • They encourage learning and boost memory recall as some of the challenges may require retention of information for later in the game.
  • They are fun and players can make new and unique memories playing with family and friends.

    • When it comes to finding fun things to do, escape rooms can be beneficial in the workplace as well. Escape rooms offer many benefits in corporate settings. About 19% of escape room players are corporate clients. Low-level engagement within companies results in a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth. If a company is looking to boost morale and encourage team building and engagement, an escape room is one possible remedy.

      Many escape room companies in larger cities cater to puzzlers, but they also attract corporate groups looking for the perfect team-building activity. Rooms are designed to have players complete an overall task with several challenges along the way, thereby creating an experience for a group of co-workers.

      The escape rooms also promote diversity and games are designed for players to engage different personality traits and skills, allowing for different members of a corporate group to contribute something.

      Ultimately, an escape room is meant to encourage team-building and togetherness. Co-workers may not be able to stand each other in the confines of an office, but when tasked with escaping a prison-themed escape room, they are encouraged to work together. Corporate escape rooms increase communication, motivate the members of a team and might also increase creativity and problem solving as the group tries to figure out how to escape the room.

      In the end, a corporate escape room can be just the thing a company needs to break out of a rut and increase motivation in the office. Coworkers who were once at odds might view each other different when forced to work together in a different, unique and fun environment.

      Looking for fun things to do? Love challenges and puzzles? Craving a different sort of fun than what you’re used to? Looking for new and different workplace team building activities? Don’t hesitate to visit local escape room locations for a fun and exciting adventure.

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