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Looking Behind The Importance Of Artwork In Our World


Art comes in all shapes and sizes, this is something that most of us are well aware of. Most of us, after all, have art, at least in some form or another, in our very own homes. But art in public spaces is hugely important as well. Art makes people feel better in many different ways, and therefore the power and impact that art can end up having is most certainly not something that should ever be overlooked or underestimated by any means.

For one thing, hotel artwork is more influential than many realize, as people are actually likely to enjoy their hotel stays more when hotel artwork is present. Therefore, we can say that the presence of hotel artwork and hotel artwork in its own right is actually able to lead to returning visitors and better reviews. Hotel artwork can even help to set the tone for the hotel, as hotel artwork might be chosen to fit a theme or even just to provide a calming, relaxing, and happy environment. No matter what your taste in art, we can all agree that a hotel without hotel artwork is likley to be much less appealing than a hotel with hotel artwork.

Aside from hotel artwork as a part of hotel lobby decor and room decor, wall art for hospitals has been found to be quite hugely beneficial as well. In fact, the data backs up the importance of wall art in hospitals and other such medical facilities. For instance, this data shows that art in patient rooms helps to make them feel more at home. In addition to this, the presence of art also helps such people to feel more comfortable and to even feel like the medical professionals taking care of them cared even more about them. As being in the hospital can be a truly immensely difficult thing, it is important to do all that we can to make this time easier for patients and their family members, and art is just one way that this can be accomplished.

Art in the workplace, in addition to hospital art and hotel artwork, also matters quite a bit. Again, there is a great deal of data that supports this, such as one study that actually found that more than 90% of all employees throughout the United States feel that the presence of artwork helps to make the place they work a much more welcoming one. In addition to this, up to 61% of all employees throughout the country also feel that art helps to even improve overall levels of creativity for the workplace in question.

The benefits of art in the workplace are even greater. After all, more than three quarters of survey respondents (around 78% of them, to be just a bit more exact) found that artwork was ideal for reducing stress in the typical workplace. In addition to this, this same amount of people (77% of all people surveyed) also found that art could even encourage the overall expression of opinions by the people who were working in that space. Therefore, there is really no downside to art in the typical place of work – but there are most certainly a great many upsides, there is no doubt about it. It can even boost overall productivity in the average work space, with rates of productivity up to 17% higher in spaces that were decorated versus spaces that were not. Therefore, the power of art is hugely conducive to everything from the stress free workplace to the workplace where opinions are freely expressed and quality and quantity of work are both quite high indeed.

At the end of the day, there is just no denying the fact that art has and will continue to play a critical role in so many of our lives. Without art, after all, meaning would simply be so much harder to find in our lives. Therefore, art should be present just about everywhere we look, from our own homes to our cities to our streets to our places of work and the places in which we receive care. After all, art is much more powerful than many of us even actively realize.

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