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How To Use Social Media And Custom Signs To Attract Customers


Updated 8/30/21

The business sign board price will usually vary. Smaller business store signs will be less expensive than the larger ones. The business shop signs themselves may cost around $30 for every square foot, so even making a sign slightly smaller might help companies save money. Plastic or aluminum business signs are less expensive than the steel business signs. People can save $10 for each square foot by choosing an aluminum business sign instead of a steel one.

fast signage

A business sign company may offer fast signage. New business owners can search buy signs near me if they’re looking for a sign for one of their business locations. Some experienced business owners may also be interested in replacing the signs that they do have. It’s important for businesses to update their decor fairly consistently. Interior and exterior design trends change, and a business’s sign might start to look outdated after a while.

The current sign also might get damaged. If that’s the case, people shouldn’t wait to get the sign replaced. Even getting a temporary sign that still appears to be in good condition can be better than having a sign that is visibly damaged. Companies can install the new signs quickly.

Learn more about finding the best signage for your business below.

Day-To-Day Advertising

There are countless businesses muscling for people’s attention every single day. While word-of-mouth and excellent service do wonders for cultivating a loyal client base, nobody will buy a single product if they can’t find you in the first place! A custom business sign creates the visual panache you need to attract eyes and keep attention, with location and a bit of social media know-how acting as a solid foundation. Whether you have an online business or a shop nestled downtown, learning to design your own business sign or customizable banners is the most crucial first step.

Custom acrylic signs for your business

Did you know over 30% of passerbys on the street said they wouldn’t be able to find a business without a sign? That’s a lot of potential money straight down the drain! Recent research has also shown that 85% of regular customers live around five miles away from any one location, which means a physical shop should make sure to put signs in nearby areas that see the most foot traffic. Best Buy, despite already being a well-known brand, sees around 17% of its customers walking in just by noticing its sign alone!

Online Advertising

Around 5% of recent marketers have generated customers through their Twitter accounts, which isn’t to say anything about other popular social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Over 70% of brand marketers saw a boost in their website traffic after putting an average of six hours per week into their social media — this ranges from comments to posts to eye-catching reblogs. No matter your type of business, it never hurts to get more eyes on your brand!

Customize Your Own Sign

Online advertisement or physical sign, the grand question remains the same: how do you make a memorable and effective poster? While a little background in graphic design can help, keeping the basics of composition and color theory in-tact will go a long way in ensuring your ad is striking rather than an eyesore. Create no more than one or two focal points and use colors that are bright and appealing, not garish. Of course, you can always hire someone to create a custom business sign for you!

Sign Ideas

Wall decals or truck posters? Window clings or tiny canvases? Finding the right balance between familiar and individual can be difficult, but the effort will certainly show when people start arriving on your doorstep. Don’t be afraid to take a glance at what similar businesses are doing and take a leaf out of their book (without outright copying, of course!). The sky’s the limit for effective advertisement and technology has made it easier than ever to give your business the ultimate boost with a custom business sign.

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