How To Throw An Office Independence Day Party


If you are a corporate employee or firm owner, you must be accustomed to the continued stress accompanying daily work-life. The repetitive daily routine encourages the growth of stress over time, reducing focus and consequently lowering productivity.

This time consider celebrating independence day with your colleagues and employees to bond, form connections, and have fun! The results will be evident later.

Secure the Venue

The date is already secured, the 4th of July, so start by securing the time and location where the bash will take place. You can consult your superiors to see if you can get some time a day before for scouting a suitable venue and location.

The venue can vary widely depending on convenience and the type of party you want to hold. You can choose between the nearest community park or open fields if you’re going to have a picnic-themed independence day party. In this case, you might want to get a permit from the property management company.

Or better still, use a colleague’s backyard or the office ballroom to hold the festivities. Ensure that the company gets the necessary legal documents, permits, and permissions to hold a party on commercial property. A venue with an indoor backup is advisable because America is a land of extreme temperatures.

Once you have singled out the location and the venue, it is time for other preparations.


There’s always a security risk whenever you gather a lot of people together. Unfortunately, this point has proved true through painful events in the past, such as Pulse nightclub Orlando or even the Bastille day truck attack in Nice. Please remember that the security of the people lies in your hands as the event’s host and internet hosting.

Start by assessing security risks. Consider factors such as high-ranking management personnel and their families, past security breaches, and important guests. Some of these people are high-profile corporate persons who might be on criminal radars.

You can also hire a professional company to install commercial space management systems. The goal of a security management system is not to respond after bad events have occurred but to prevent the threat in the first place. Install security cameras in every corner and also metal detectors at the entrance. All these measures, including security guards, should be visible to deter potential criminals.

Cleaning, Repairs, and Decorations

The office will have to set the third of July apart for preparations. The place must be spotlessly clean and ready for the following day’s festivities. Get people to scrub the floors, change the curtains and clean everything else that needs cleaning. Office equipment to be used during the celebrations should be set and appropriately arranged in the venue.

Ensure that everything is up and running. Broken furniture should be repaired. Enlist the help of commercial upholstery repairs since those couches must be in top shape for independence day celebrations. The lawns should be mowed clean.

Set up decorations from the lobby to the lounge. The American flag should be placed at strategic places within the venue.

Party Favors

Put on your patriotic fever by giving your office mates small tokens as a reminder of how privileged they are to live in the USA, home of the brave and a land of the free. The fourth of July commemorates the freedom some take for granted and those who fight to secure the country. Therefore, the tokens you give on the nation’s birthday should be in line with the spirit of patriotism. The good idea is to give your workmates a custom-made headdress with the national flag colors in it to wave around proudly as they party all day and night.

You can also include the following goodies in your gift bags:

  • Custom t shirts to raise their holiday spirits.
  • A bottle of champagne. You know the fun that comes with popping the bottle and spraying the sweet sparkling liquid all over.
  • Sparklers to celebrate as the sets.


Tasty and spicy food is part and parcel of every successful bash remembered for years to come. Surprisingly, some folks only attend parties to savor the meals, and to some, everything may mean nothing at the party if there’s no food, so you better make it worth their while, especially during the nation’s birthday.

You can maintain an endless flow of appetizers and make sure that the main course doesn’t disappoint the attendees. Hors d’oeuvre is an excellent example of starters served from small bowls in European cuisine. Whether hot or cold, you can serve them while standing like they do in cocktails or receptions. You can hire a professional chef or a catering company that will prepare independence day celebration meals in varieties that will please your guests. Your office mates are not total strangers to you, so you may have a rough idea of what they like.

You can serve;

  • Spicy fish to arouse everyone’s taste buds
  • Place fruit baskets at strategic places or serve diced fruits in small bowls as healthy, tasty snacks.
  • Serve summertime classics such as barbeque chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs.
  • And don’t forget the ice cream. Summer is quite hot, and it gets hotter if the party is in the house and everyone is dancing to the classic oldies, pop, or jams.

But you don’t always have to do things the old way because you can introduce some independence day office games during meals. A good example is a watermelon eating contest. Here’s how to do it.

Get some yummy red melons and slice them into fourths. Place them on a desk and invite the guests to play. There’s, however, a straightforward rule to this recreational activity. Whoever desires to play must keep their hands behind their backs while trying to bite a piece of melon on the desk.

The first competitor to finish eating their melon without using the hands wins the competition.


Of course, that made you thirsty! Everyone’s throat must be itching due to the summer heat mercilessly beating down on them. And a party is no party without drinks. Therefore, it would be best if you made elaborate plans of how you will irrigate those parched throats during the office party. A picture of revelers holding a glass of some icy fluid as they watch an elaborate multicolor fireworks display cannot fail to make it to the front page of the company magazine.

Ensure you age your own whiskey and plan for bagged ice delivery if you don’t have an ice-making machine. Plenty of lemonade, chilly water, and ice will go a long way in alleviating the summer heat. Ensure the deep freezers and coolers are filled with the following independence day must-have drinks;

  • Mixed drinks, for example, sodas, martinis and colas, and every other sparkling drink you can lay your hands on. Vodka and whiskey will be convenient for those who love going hard.
  • Variety of beer for example both domestic and foreign ciders.
  • Exotic wine for those with defined tastes. Both red and white table wines will be perfect.


Think of a party with everything else but entertainment. Boring, right? You have to make independence day memorable by providing entertainment such as independence day office games. You can up the creativity by throwing a themed party for the employees to show who has the best party style. Better still, a watchful evening can keep the guests occupied. The guests would love to see slideshows of memorable photos or independence day movies that list major achievements and heroes who made independence possible on a large projector.

Classic Games

Get a bunch of surefire independence day office games for your guests. These include horseshoes, Cornhole, spike ball, and even Kan Jam. Some of these independence day office games should be recorded and projected on large screens for those guests who like to watch from a distance.

Custom Game Shows

Did you know that independence day office games can help improve how people relate to each other at their workplace? These games are entertaining to play, enhance teamwork, inspire the spirit of healthy competition, and boost critical thinking. All these positive factors sponsored by independence day office games will help to boost productivity at work from that day henceforth.

There’s a wide range of independence day office games. If you’re about to get your business out there, consider getting customized games. Independence day office games can feature questions about your services, products, or company. Different teams will have the fun of their lives while playing and learning more about their workplace. Invited guests will also have a chance to learn more about the business or company.

A perfect example of independence day office games is the American History Jeopardy. This instructional recreational game can be confusing but fun to play and very convenient since it doesn’t need a large playground.

List absorbing information, such as some history about the 4th of July and the records of the American flag. The visitors should form two teams and stay attentive as you read aloud to them these exciting facts on the independence day.

Here is where it gets interesting. The two teams should solve the questions and give answers in the form of questions. If they fail, they don’t get the point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. What better way to learn about the country’s freedom and inspire patriotism than through independence day office games?

Photo Booth

What about making those happy moments last longer? Your guests may want some keepsake to remind them of that day or some pictures to add to the company gallery. Get a good team to keep those cameras rolling all day and night. They will capture every amazing moment, from romantic photos to cheesy pictures.

Pool parties are great, especially if your workplace is privileged enough to have this recreative facility. Inform every guest to stash a swimsuit in the best poolside fashion in their bags when coming to the party. A pool party can complement independence day office games to keep the guests entertained. Get a basketball hoop, blowup raft, water slide, and beach balls to keep the guests entertained.


Remember those colorful multiple-color displays from your younger independence days? You can recreate those to complement independence day office games. Get some legal fireworks and firecrackers from the local convenience store and set them off at the climax of independence day celebrations. For safety purposes, hire a certified company to help with the shoot-off. They can also create better displays since it is in their line of duty.


While it is simple to just announce at the office that everyone is invited, you can make it more fun by sending invitation cards to every staff member and their kids. Get your children to design beautiful independence day themed invitation cards and send them to other children. You can stick with printed invites for the adults and other guests.

The invitations should show the American flag colors or contain a patriotic statement from one of the heroes to promote the spirit of patriotism. The internet is at your disposal in case you need inspiration or run out of ideas.

The Fourth of July Dress Code

The dress code will be determined by the type of party you want to hold. If it is a typical bash, the staff can get creative with 4th of July themed casual outfits. Some workplaces love to maintain a level of formality that everyone must dress appropriately. In such a case, they should wear their best 4th of July outfits featuring the American flag colors red, blue, and white. You can propose a gift for the best dressed.

Independence day is around the corner, and you have just learned how to throw an office independence day party. Ensure you pay attention to cleanliness, decorations, security, tasty food, sparkling drinks, invitations, fireworks, independence day office games, and the dress code. Have a blast!

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