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How to Get in at the Best Clubs


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Trying to get into a decent nightclub can be hard. Especially if you just decided on a whim to go out and haven’t pre purchased any tickets. There are ticket agencies available online where you can even buy them on the way to club but there’s no guarantee that the ticket agency has tickets for that particular night. If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas, hopefully you have already planned out where you’ll be doing whether it’s Surrender Las Vegas or the Stereo nightclub. If you have then you’ll have already gotten to XS tickets and tickets to all the places you want to go and you won’t have to worry. However, just in case you don’t have XS tickets, here are a few tips for getting into the best clubs in town.

Advance Tickets
As mentioned, the very best way to get into a good club is to plan ahead and buy your tickets in advance. This way you can avoid the long lines and the debates with the doorman. You’ll save a lot of time buying getting XS tickets or wherever you are going.

Arrive Early
Whether you have tickets or not, you should get there fairly early. Especially in a place like Las Vegas, big name headliners are usually there and famous DJs and everyone wants a piece. You should plan to get in line by around 10 PM.

Guys’ Tip
This one is for the men. If you can pair up with girls, this is the way to go because girls still get priority but if you are there for a bachelor party or some sort of guys’ night out, then make sure you’re balanced. Being overly friendly or overly aggressive with the doorman will eliminate you from the club. He holds the power so be careful how you approach him. Big guy huddles aren’t good either. Line up like everyone else and be ready to drop a lot of money to get in. Either that, or break up the group and find ladies in line to get in with. You should offer to pay their admission or buy them a drink once inside.

Complimentary Tickets
Sometimes, your hotel will offer free club passes. Often there will also be people who work for the club promoting it throughout the hotel property. They hand out flyers and sometimes cards. If there is a name and number on the card, you could call or text to find out whatever information you’ll need to get in.

Always Tip
It doesn’t matter whether you got XS tickets or not, you need to tip. The door man is providing a service just like the bar tender, so he should be tipped. This may or may not provide you entry faster, but it’s can’t hurt and it’s the gesture that counts.

Dress Up
The door man wants to know that this club is a big deal to you. If you show up and shorts and a t-shirt, it’ll look like you’re not that bothered about getting in. Choose your clothes wisely. A lot of clubs won’t actually even let you in if you aren’t wearing the right attire. Sneakers, hoodies and jerseys are looked down on as are baggy gangster jeans. Dress shoes, heels, fitted jeans, dresses and blazers are better options. Leave the baseball cap in the hotel as well and take the time to comb and gel your hair.

It’s all about your appearance and demeanor. If the doorman gets a weird vibe from you, you aren’t getting in. If you look trashy, you aren’t getting in. If you’re rude, you aren’t getting in. And don’t forget that doormen talk to each other. So, if you throw a fit at one club because you can’t get in for whatever reason, they may call around to other clubs and describe you so that doormen can avoid any drama. Just be pleasant but not to chummy and never get sarcastic or angry, it will never help your situation.

Keep in mind that while some doormen are just being mean, some really are just doing their job. They are responsible for the type of people they let in. If something bad happens, they get the blame for initially allowing them in at all.

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