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How Many Thousands of Digital Images Do You Have on Your Phone and Computer?


Dealing with an empty nest has been interesting. You have cleaned out all of the closets, donated boxes of clothes and household items, and redecorated nearly every room in the house. You love that both of your girls are off and doing well at college, but it has been a challenge to fill all of your time. Even with subbing nearly every day of the week you still have nights and weekends that seem to drag on. You and your husband have taken short and long vacations, but there are still many times when it makes more sense to be at home.

The latest project that you have embarked on, however, should fill lots of time. You have gathered all of the digital photo files that you have accumulated over the last decade, as well as all of the printed photos that you have from when the girls were first born. With the use of your new skill of custom mat cutting you are creating beautiful family gifts that you will give next Christmas. Framed mostly in white cardstock, the picture frames that you have completed so far truly look like works of art. You are organizing the thousands of other images into archival photo binders and plan to have all of these images in a format that will allow your entire family to enjoy these images of the past for years to come.

Custom Mat Cutting Creates Beautiful Framed Prints Your Home

We live in a digital age, but there are still many of us who are looking for ways to turn those files on our phones and computers into images that we can touch. With the use of the latest archival storage products and high quality custom mat cutting procedures, any family historian can create beautiful ways for their families to review memories.

Unfortunately, there are many families who are discovering that the photos from their past are not really holding up. Papers and photo albums from 30 and 50 years ago, in fact, often yellow or fade. With the use of the latest archival papers, however, today’s images that are printed can last much longer. The acid content in a paper is the best indicator of its life expectancy. This means that acid free paper’s pH of 7.0, which is a neutral, is a perfect medium for holding your families memories. Papers with higher levels of acid, on the other hand, are not as reliable. The latest research indicates that acid free papers will last up to 200 years under normal use and storage conditions.

Whether you are an empty nester with new time on your hands or you are a new mother trying to capture first for your family, there is an entire industry of archival safe products that can help you achieve your goal. Ready to start?

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